My Favorite Finds For 2020

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Well, I just couldn’t let the season go by without sharing with you wonderful people my favorite finds on Amazon.

I love telling other people about my favorite finds and I do love shopping on Amazon (it’s so lazy mom friendly, am I right?), so it only seemed right to share things I’ve purchased that make my little lazy mom heart happy or were just really great finds that were still great after use.

I bought them for my daughter for her Christmas pjs two years ago and she literally was just squeezing herself into them last night and I said in my saddest mom voice, “Baby, those pajamas are too small!” And she replied in her saddest daughter voice, “I know, but I love them! I look like a candy cane!” *sniffle*

We have BOTH adored them. They are super cute on her and held up so well! The red doesn’t bleed into the white after washing at all. Highly recommend!

2. I have really, really enjoyed these rolling duffle bags I bought for all three of my kids this year!

They are huge, hold a ton of stuff, have tons of pockets and have held up the past 10 months. Plus they come in six different colors (you all know how I love to color code my life!). I bought the lavender for my daughter, and the royal blue and black for my boys. They were a great find!

3. Okay, if you have a slow car charger for your cell phone, Lazy Dad and I are absolutely thrilled with these super fast car chargers!

We were both sick to death of our cheap car chargers that charged our phones SOOOOO SLOOOOOW. Like, painfully slow. It was especially annoying for me, seeing that when I turn my car off, the charger no longer works, so I couldn’t leave my phone in the car to charge. These chargers are awesome! Super fast! They work with a large variety of cell phone brands and it also comes in white.

4. OMG, I love these baby seat covers we bought for our church’s worship leader who had twins this year!

They are the cutest and apparently the largest car seat canopy on the market. I’m so happy every time I see them use them! It velcros to itself at the bottom to ensure it won’t flap up in the wind. And as a total bonus it comes with a blanket that has ribbon tags on the sides. Super cute and a great gift! Comes in pink or blue.

5. If you’re in the market for a new Bible, I really LOVE this Chronological Study Bible in the New Living Translation

If you’ve never had a chronological Bible, it is pretty neat to see how the historical accounts in the Bible would have all laid out in order! What I really like about this specific chronological Bible, is that it doesn’t just put the books of the Bible in chronological order, it puts each chapter or verse in order! So if a certain chapter of Psalms was written in the time period of 1 Kings, it puts it in order right in the middle of 1 Kings. Make sense? It also has great study notes at the bottom of the pages and wonderful charts and other study items all throughout. I wuv it. A wot.

6. Speaking of great book finds, my oldest son absolutely loved this devotional book for teen boys.

He liked it so much HE TOLD ME HE LIKED IT. <– You mom’s of teen boys just totally understood that statement! But I knew he really, really liked it when he asked me if the author had written any other devotionals for boys. That right there is a SLAM DUNK, mamas!

7. We have really enjoyed making coffee with this French press.
It comes in the limey green shown or a very bright red, but I didn’t care about the color, I bought it because the price was right and it had good reviews. We’ve owned it since March of 2015 and it has truly held up beautifully. Got nothing but praise for it!

8. My kids each have a refurbished Chrome Book that they use for homeschooling. We bought these great laptop cases for each of them and they are perfect!

Not only have they held up great, but they all look so cute carrying their laptops around in them like their little adults going to a business meeting. *smile* They also fit the 12 inch MacBook and the 11 inch MacBook Air, and come in six different colors (so you can color code your life! Squee!).

9. I have been SUPER pleased with this modern floral rug I bought a year ago.

I bought the long runner (2×7) and it feels so great under our bare feet (seriously, nice rug), but it also does a great job of collecting water from wet shoes when we come in the house. As a total bonus (and one of the reasons I settled on buying it), because it is beige in color, it never looks dirty! Let me hear the lazy mom’s rejoice! WOOHOO!

10. My daughter is now getting her second year’s worth of use out of this awesome winter coat we found on Amazon

I have been super impressed with it and it has held up GREAT. The white still looks white and it has stayed nice and plush! It does come in two other color combos if you’re not interested in white, but like I said, the white has stayed white. Nice coat!

11. Lazy Dad and I have been so happy that we purchased this Bamboo Gel9 inch Memory Foam Mattress in 2015 off of Amazon for our motorhome.
Not only was the price awesome for a “short queen” (which you need in an RV most times), but it is made in America and has stood the test of time! –> We lived in our RV full-time for 6 months this year, not to mention all the trips here and there before and after that, and the bed is still wonderful. We seriously could not be happier! They do make other sizes for this mattress, so be sure and check those out! We wish we had bought a regular queen for our house!

12. I love diffusing essential oils in my home because I can’t handle synthetic or chemical “fragrances.” This little diffuser on Amazon has worked perfecto for me!

The price was right and I’ve never had a problem with it. I love that it has two functions where it can either run continuously or cycle on and off every 30 seconds. I usually use the on/off mode as it makes it last longer. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and it is still running!

13. Of course I can’t talk about a diffuser and not mention this great find on organic essential oils

I’m impressed with this brand (Plant Therapy) and I love that they are affordable and organic! These top 6 oils come in a nice wooden box that you can use for transporting them, but I ended up giving the box to my daughter to paint and use on her desk in her room. I’m very impressed with these essential oils; I know there are essential oil snobs out there, but this brand suits me just fine!

14. Speaking of not being an essential oils snob… I have used this very affordable frankincense essential oil for years now and I am VERY happy with it!

Not only is this frankincense VERY affordable, It has helped heal wounds on myself AND on a very good friend of mine. In fact, my friend had tried everything to help heal an open wound she had from a nursing baby and I gave her my bottle to try. After one application, it was healed up! (Seriously, LIKE OVERNIGHT. Crazy!) So don’t knock it just because it’s cheap!

15. Last, but not least, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you can buy gift cards for all kinds of brands through Amazon!

Can’t beat that! Especially for a quick gift sent with Amazon Prime’s 2-day shipping! It’s the best!

Love and Fun Finds For All,
The Lazy Mom

P. S. What are your favorite finds on Amazon? I’d love to know! Comment below.

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