10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Single Friends

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Have a single friend or buddy alone this year? Single by choice or not, make sure to send them Valentine’s Day wishes. While your partner or S.O. might take up most of your V-Day attention, don’t neglect those without a sweetheart. Whether they’re still getting over an ex or just living the single life, here are 10 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your single friends that will make them feel appreciated and loved.

#1 A Cuddly Stuffed Animal Care Package

Single by choice or not, everyone needs something to cuddle on Valentine’s Day. And what better gift than a squishy and soft, plush stuffed animal. Discover cute stuffed animals like classic teddy bear stuffed animals, unique unicorns and adorable sloths, presenting them with their spirit animal. Have a single bestie who lives far away? Don’t let them be alone this year. Send them a complete care package with a stuffed animal and a personalized message to say how much they mean to you this Valentine’s day.

#2 A Bottle of Wine and an Insulated Wine Tumbler

Know your single friend’s go-to vino? Whether it’s a rosé, pinot grigio or a rich cab-sav, give them a bottle of their favorite wine for them to enjoy all by themselves (and maybe share a little with you, too). Of course, this gift works wonderfully with an insulated wine tumbler so they can take their chilled drinks and cocktails on the patio or to the bath for a soothing soak. Even better – have the tumbler monogrammed with their initials or customized with a favorite wine pun or phrase. Need something smaller? Give them a wine bottle topper to keep their vino fresh.

#3 Cupcakes, Cookies and Other Delectables

Another fantastic Valentine’s Day gift idea for your single friends is a box of treats. Skip the romantic box of chocolates and consider more fun goodies like cupcakes, cookies and brownies. Send them a delivery from online shops like Goldbelly, Baked by Melissa or Milk Bar. They offer mini cupcakes, cookies and more in all sorts of flavors and colors to make your special single Valentine get that sugar-induced dopamine high like being in love.

#4 Face Masks and Bath Bombs

Remind them that you don’t need a partner to feel pampered. Present your single friends with a basket of self-care goodies like face masks and bath bombs so they can treat themselves to a self-care day. Drop in some nourishing body lotion, hand lotion and a candle for good measure. You could also give them a mani-pedi kit with a bottle of the latest trending lacquer shade. This way, they can turn their V-day into a self-care vacay, enjoying a soul-soothing soak in the warm bath and step out of the house with a glow-up.

#5 Subscription Box of a Favorite Hobby

Have a creative single friend who is into music or art? Or maybe an outdoorsy friend who enjoys hiking or camping? Whatever their hobby might be, give them a subscription box. These days, you can find subscription boxes for just about any kind of activity, from sewing to horseback riding to mountain biking. So send them a surprise gift box of some activities to help them express themselves and do the things they would want to do if they had time all to themselves.

#6 A Cookbook with Recipes for One

Singles find it easier to pick up fast food or order takeout than create a home-cooked meal. When cooking for one, larger grocery hauls can often go to waste before they have a chance to be eaten. And if they do pick up groceries, it often consists of easy microwaveable dinners. So why not inspire them with a cookbook with recipes that are dedicated for one person. Also, choose a cookbook of foods that they enjoy eating, such as Latin or Italian. It will encourage them to cook on their own and eat healthy.

#7 A Pair of Studs (Jewelry, That Is) or a Right-Hand Ring

One really thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift idea for your single friends is a piece of jewelry. If you know your single friend’s tastes and style, then pick out something you know they’ll love. But if you need a little help, think minimal. Go for a pair of dainty stud or hoop earrings that look classy with just about anything. Or find them the perfect right-hand cocktail ring that demonstrates her independence with or without a future S.O.

#8 A Set of Cute Pajamas

Have a single friend who plans to binge-watch movies or TV shows of their celebrity crush this V-Day? Then make sure they stay comfy all weekend long with a pair of comfy, cute PJs. With Valentine’s still in the colder months, choose a flannel pajama set or jersey pajamas with a matching pattern or print. Round out this V-Day gift with a pair of slippers and they will love you even more.

#9 Tickets to See Their Favorite Band

Plan a future girls’ night with your bestie. Grab two tickets to see their favorite band in the near future. With Bandsintown, you can set up alerts for upcoming shows in various cities and keep an eye on a favorite venue. It doesn’t have to be the best seats in the house either. Floor seats, lawn seats and standing room – they’ll be thrilled regardless. Plus, it’s just a great way to spend more time with your friends (without them being a third wheel).

#10 A Bouquet of Flowers

Singles love flowers, too. An oldie but a goodie, send them a bouquet. Skip the roses and make it a bouquet of colorful flowers that represent their personality and unique qualities. If they have a green thumb and are plant-obsessed, then they’d probably appreciate a live plant that they can keep around. Give them something extra special from places like Bloomscape or The Sill that they can keep around forever.

Celebrate Your Single Friends This V-Day!

Valentine’s day gift in tow or not, it’s important to celebrate and support your single friends. Whether they experienced a bad breakup they can’t seem to get over or are staying solo by choice, don’t let them feel left out this V-Day and show your appreciation for your bond. Let them know you are – and always will be – there for them. Love is love, after all.

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