4 Fashion Tips for Busy Moms

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You’ve likely seen her on the drop-off line at school: the mom who walks her kids to the gate of the playground in her faded and full-of-holes sweats, slippers and messy bun.

While you’re not judging her — actually, you kind of admire her confidence for not really caring what she’s wearing — you also don’t want to fall into that mindset.

Yes, you’re a busy mom; all moms are. You have a job and a house to run; pets to take care of and kids to pick up and drop off all over town; and a spouse to spend time with, too. But you don’t have to look sloppy and unkempt while doing these tasks.

With just small amounts of time, effort and money, as well as the following tips, you can dress comfortably and stylishly, which, in turn, will allow you to look and feel your best:

1. Know That Accessories are Your Friend

Even the simplest of outfits look great when you add some great accessories to the mix. A plain, navy T-shirt and jeans can suddenly become stylish when you wear attractive sunglasses, a nice watch, colorful athletic shoes and/or carry a pretty handbag. If you have the time to put on a pair of earrings and add a necklace or bracelet, then all the better. These accessories can be worn with multiple outfits, so you’ll get lots of fashion bang for your buck from each one.

2. Look for Versatile Clothing

Another easy way to up your fashion game is to buy clothing that’s not only comfortable but also versatile. For example, a classic cotton blouse will look great with black pants when you’re running errands; if you have a job interview or party to attend, you can add a blazer and a pretty scarf. Bodysuits are another type of clothing that can do double duty; a cross-body bodysuit can be worn as a top under an unbuttoned blouse and paired with capris and flats. On cooler days, it’s perfect as a comfortable extra layer under a cotton shirt with a woolen sweater and pants or a skirt.

3. Stick with a Few Colors You Love

When selecting new clothing for your wardrobe, opt for a limited number of colors. This way, no matter what you decide to wear, it will all look great together. So, if you adore the color blue, choose sky blue cotton T-shirts, royal blue button-up shirts, jeans and a navy jacket or hoodie. Additionally, neutrals like white, gray and black also pair well together as well as with other colors. The end result? You’ll look pulled together no matter which pieces you select.

4. Opt for Basic Makeup

When mornings get hectic and you’re running late, you may be tempted to skip the makeup routine altogether. However, if you like wearing cosmetics and would prefer not to go out in public with a bare face, save time and stress by sticking with the basics. Add a touch of concealer under your eyes and on your cheeks and then take a minute to add a quick swipe of eye shadow and some mascara. Apply some lip gloss that you keep in your purse, and voilà — you’ll look more awake and ready to take on the day.

Busy and Fashionable Can Go Hand in Hand

You don’t have to take out a small loan to buy a spendy new wardrobe, and you don’t have to set your alarm clock an hour earlier to look and feel your best. Super busy moms like you just need some key accessories, versatile clothing, a limited color palette and some basic cosmetics to look amazing and put together, even in the most frantic of mornings.

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