5 Hazards You Must Avoid During Construction

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A construction site is one of the most dangerous places you can be. The workers use different kinds of machinery that are often hazardous if not handled properly. Working on a construction site also means working alongside operational plants, dangerous chemicals, and high-risk materials. In some countries, construction work is also cited as one of the most dangerous jobs.

Various factors make a construction site potentially hazardous for the workers and the passersby. One of those is the nature of the construction projects. For instance, construction projects carried along the roadside that use cranes and lifters are more dangerous than the ones carried out in industrial environments. But in both cases, it is important to ensure your safety against construction hazards. Here is a list of hazards you must ensure to stay away from during construction.

  • Stay Away From Asbestos

When you are working in old buildings or renovating parts of houses built a long time ago, there is a significant chance of coming into contact with asbestos. This is because asbestos was commonly used in building materials in the past. Now that the Environmental Protection Agency has some guidelines for selecting and using materials in buildings, there is excessive check and balance. As a result of asbestos exposure, the chances of developing mesothelioma are also huge. Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that grows in the protective lining of organs in the body due to asbestos exposure. Therefore, it is essential to protect yourself against asbestos exposure when working on an old construction site.


  • Stay Safe From Moving Machines

It is a norm to use heavy machinery such as lifters, cranes, and cutters on a construction site. However, often they can prove to be very dangerous, especially when a sudden fault occurs. So, when a lifter or a crane is moving, don’t walk under it. There are various cases where a crane broke in the middle of an operation, came falling, and killed people moving under them. According to a report, 12 percent of all accidents on the construction site are due to impact by moving machines and objects.


On a construction site, the landscape and terrain are constantly changing. The machines are often working on rough and uneven surfaces. Therefore, always ensure there are boundaries imposed to separate pedestrians from the working boundary of machines. There should be clearly written signs and directions to help everyone working on the project.


  • Protection Against Falls When Working At Heights

Falling from heights is among the most common injuries construction workers experience on work sites. Workers must have the proper training to work on heights and use various equipment on that level. There should also be a system of emergency care available for the workers if an accident happens. It is best to ensure that all these safety aspects are taken care of before the project starts so that there are no mishaps while the project is ongoing. All the workers should also discuss the details with their managers and contractor and ensure satisfactory hazard management systems before committing to the work.


  • Wear The Proper Protective Suiting

One of the areas often ignored on construction sites is the use of personal protective gear. Both workers and managers often ignore this aspect of safety, whereas it should be the first step when starting work. Always be certain that you are provided with the right PPPE according to the requirement of your project. For instance, if you are working with harmful chemicals, the use of gloves, eye protection, and a face shield is a must. Another example is that people often face hearing impairment due to continuously working under high noise conditions. To avoid such misfortunes, make sure to have proper ear protections such as noise-canceling ear mufflers.


  • Avoid Slips And Trips On The Construction Surface

It is common to have ‘slip and trip’ accidents on a daily routine at any place, but they can be more dangerous when they happen on a construction site. This is because various construction materials are often splashed on the ground, and the surface is also rougher. Therefore, the impact can be more dangerous. Thus, many construction workers get injuries due to slips and trips. The possible way to avoid such accidents is to carefully assess work areas, exits, working routes, etc. The managers and the site supervisors must ensure the presence of safety arrangements throughout the project if they want the project to go on smoothly.



Workers and managers can avoid the hazards of a construction site with proper systems and preventive measures. The use of protective gear, precaution against moving machines and objects, proper exit and entry routes, and placement of signs are some of the precautions you need to protect yourself against construction site hazards.

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