5 Kiddie Party Invitation Ideas to Try Out

When it comes to celebrating your child’s special day, it pays to add extra time and effort. Aside from choosing the food to prepare and hiring entertainers that will make a fun-filled event, you should also take the time to craft clever and eye-catching invitations.

They may not be the party’s highlight, but invitations can help your guests know what to expect when they arrive. Not only that, but they can also leave a lasting impression on your child’s friends and entice more people to join in on the fun. If you are planning a memorable kiddie party, check out these creative invitation ideas to impress your guests.



1. Message in a Bottle

Are you organizing a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed party for your little buccaneer? Clean out bottles that have been lying around your home and insert a rolled-up treasure map inside. This should contain directions to the venue marked by an X. You can also include a message in pirate slang to go with the theme. Just make sure it’s the parents who will be pulling the message out from the bottle.

2. Crack a Code

If your child is a fan of spy films, consider writing the invite in invisible ink using lemon juice. For this, simply cut a whole lemon in half and squeeze out the juice. After that, dip a cotton swab or a paintbrush in the juice and use it to write the message. In case you don’t have lemons lying around, milk would be your best alternative. Let the recipients know that there’s a hidden message. To reveal it, instruct the parents to hold the paper up to a candle or a hot light bulb.

3. A Punny Affair

A good joke can go a long way in getting other kids and their parents to come over. Fill your invites with witty punchlines. Check out websites like Puns & Jokes for collections that will give your guests a good chuckle. To make the invitations more enticing, consider adding some colorful cartoons that are worth keeping.

4. Origami Messages

The Japanese art of paper folding doesn’t fail to impress people of all ages. Kids will love animals, buildings, and people made from craft paper, but they will have a fun time unfolding them to read a party invitation. Simply write your message and the details of the party on the blank side of a piece of origami paper and fold it into a crane or butterfly. Add instructions on how to fold the paper back into shape in case your guests want to preserve the origami piece once they have finished reading the invite.

5. Golden Tickets

With Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in mind, send your guests custom chocolate bars with your child’s name as the brand. Then, wrap it with golden foil which contains the venue and other information about the party.  The kids will have their Charlie Bucket moment once they have scored their Golden Ticket.


If you want to make your child’s celebration a memorable one, use these ideas for creating eye-catching and clever invitations your guests will have a hard time saying no to.