Big Sister Gift Ideas When New Baby Arrives

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There are so many exciting things that can come with the arrival of a new baby, but one of the best parts is if you have a little girl at home that is preparing to become an older sister. You have so much to look forward to, and finding ways to make the transition exciting for your daughter is sure to make things memorable for her. Take a look at some of our favorite big sister gifts that would be perfect to give your little girl once the new baby arrives!

Siblings Shirts

There are few big sister gifts more classic than a a set of sibling shirts. It could be something as simple as shirts that say “big sister” and “baby sister” or “baby brother”, or maybe you want something clever, like one shirt that has a jar of peanut butter and another that has a jar of jelly. These sibling shirts at The Spunky Stork are absolutely adorable, and they have so many different options to choose from!

Something Fit for a Princess

What little girl doesn’t love feeling like royalty? A cute princess dress could be the perfect big sister gift for your little princess! These princess dress up clothes from Presley Couture are one of our all time favorites. They’re made with super soft material instead of that itchy stuff that other princess dresses have, making them perfect for hours of playtime.

The Right Baby Wrap

This is one of our top picks, because not only will it make for a wonderful sibling gift, but it’s also a great gift for yourself! A high quality baby wrap is a great way to keep baby cozy and comfortable, and your little ones can easily cuddle up with you and with the baby. If the new big sister is old enough, you could help her wear the wrap herself, which is sure to help her feel grown up. These Ergobaby baby wraps are a fantastic option!

A Big Sister Book

For younger girls preparing to become a big sister, a book detailing the responsibilities of an older sibling is a good way to go. They will detail things like playing quietly during naptime, helping to feed the baby, or helping to find a clean diaper. Finding a good big sister book is a great gift. Pair it with one of her favorite treats and you’re good to go!

A Doll Set

One great way to show a little girl how to help tend a baby is to show her using a doll, so why not give her one as a big sister gift? There are plenty of adorable dolls that you can consider, providing the perfect opportunity for her to practice taking care of her doll, as well as sharing one with her new little brother or sister. It’s sure to be something that she will absolutely love!


So as you pack your hospital bag and get everything ready to go for your little bundle of joy, be sure to grab something special for the big sister-to-be. A little gift from the new baby is a great way to establish a connection for the older sibling, and is sure to make for a sweet moment when they meet for the first time.

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