Best Big Sister Gift Ideas (2024)

Best Big Sister Gift Ideas (2024)

There are so many exciting things that can come with the arrival of a new baby, but one of the best parts is if you have a little girl at home that is preparing to become an older sister. You have so much to look forward to, and finding ways to make the transition exciting for your daughter is sure to make things memorable for her. Take a look at some of our favorite big sister gifts that would be perfect to give your little girl once the new baby arrives!

Siblings Shirts

There are few big sister gifts more classic than a a set of sibling shirts. It could be something as simple as shirts that say “big sister” and “baby sister” or “baby brother”, or maybe you want something clever, like one shirt that has a jar of peanut butter and another that has a jar of jelly. These sibling shirts at The Spunky Stork are absolutely adorable, and they have so many different options to choose from!

Something Fit for a Princess

What little girl doesn’t love feeling like royalty? A cute princess dress could be the perfect big sister gift for your little princess! These princess dress up clothes from Presley Couture are one of our all time favorites. They’re made with super soft material instead of that itchy stuff that other princess dresses have, making them perfect for hours of playtime.

The Right Baby Wrap

This is one of our top picks, because not only will it make for a wonderful sibling gift, but it’s also a great gift for yourself! A high quality baby wrap is a great way to keep baby cozy and comfortable, and your little ones can easily cuddle up with you and with the baby. If the new big sister is old enough, you could help her wear the wrap herself, which is sure to help her feel grown up. These Ergobaby baby wraps are a fantastic option!

A Big Sister Book

For younger girls preparing to become a big sister, a book detailing the responsibilities of an older sibling is a good way to go. They will detail things like playing quietly during naptime, helping to feed the baby, or helping to find a clean diaper. Finding a good big sister book is a great gift. Pair it with one of her favorite treats and you’re good to go!

A Doll Set

One great way to show a little girl how to help tend a baby is to show her using a doll, so why not give her one as a big sister gift? There are plenty of adorable dolls that you can consider, providing the perfect opportunity for her to practice taking care of her doll, as well as sharing one with her new little brother or sister. It’s sure to be something that she will absolutely love!

So as you pack your hospital bag and get everything ready to go for your little bundle of joy, be sure to grab something special for the big sister-to-be. A little gift from the new baby is a great way to establish a connection for the older sibling, and is sure to make for a sweet moment when they meet for the first time.

Becoming a big sister is a big step in a child’s life. It’s a time filled with excitement, but also a little bit of uncertainty. They may be feeling a mix of emotions, from being happy and excited about the new addition to the family, to feeling a little bit left out and unsure of their new role.

That’s why it’s important to show your new big sister just how special she is and how much you appreciate her. One way to do that is by giving her a thoughtful gift that will make her feel loved and appreciated.

Becoming a adorable big sister is a big milestone in a child’s life. As a parent, you want to make sure that your daughter feels special and loved during this exciting time. Finding the perfect big sister gift can be difficult, but there are plenty of options that your sister will love.

Whether it’s a cute shirt that says “I’m the big sister” or a special toy to help her take care of her new baby, these gifts can help make the transition to being a big sister a little easier.

With a new baby comes a lot of changes, and these gifts can help make the big sister in your life feel involved and prepared. From adorable clothing to special keepsakes, there are many ideal big sister gift options to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the best gifts to give your proud big sister as she welcomes her new baby into the family and takes on the role of a big kid.

In this blog post, we will explore some unique and thoughtful gift ideas for a new big sister that will make her feel special.

Big sister gift ideas

Following are some ideas of gift for the big sisters,

Beaded Big Sister Bracelet

It thoughtful gift for a little sister who is becoming a big sister. It is a bracelet made of beads, usually strung on elastic or string, and can be personalized with the child’s name or birthstone. It is a special way to help the child feel included and excited about her new role as a big sister. It can also serve as a keepsake to remember the special moment. Overall, it is a sweet and sentimental gift that can be cherished for years to come.

Soft slippers

One of the best big gift for your little one big sister is soft slippers. Having new big sister’s first night can be kind of scary, especially if you are not quite sure what to do or how to act. The best way to make her feel relaxed is by buying her some soft, comfortable shoes!

A great gift idea that any beginner parent will love is a pair of white socks with fuzzy rabbits or bears lined up along the foot. These are called rabbit feet socks and they help keep the feet warm and cozy.

Easy pants

Finding comfortable new big sister clothes can be tricky, especially if you are not sure what size clothing fits your child.

Most children’s stores now offer bigger sized clothing in their departments or at least larger sizes of shirts, sweatshirts, and jeans. If you’re looking to add some new wardrobe pieces to your little sister’s collection, check out our list below!

We’ve included links to each item so that you can head right over there to find them! Some may even match her style already, making it more affordable to buy her a new dress she will love.

Long leather coat

A great way to show your love is by investing in a long leather coat that your new big sister can use for years to come. Leather coats are durable and classic, making it a versatile piece of clothing that she will enjoy owning.

Leather gets darker with time due to exposure to dirt and oils, which adds to its beautiful appeal. If your new sibling loves wearing dressy clothes, then buying her a leather jacket would make a thoughtful gift.

Alternatively, if she is more into casual dresses, buy her an easy-to-layer wool or cotton sweater instead.

Blanket scarf

A blanket scarf is an easy way to add some warm fuzzies to your new big sister. They are also very versatile, you can use it as a shawl or a matching throw pillow. Most people buy them as a gift because they think of cool ways to use them.

Blanket scarfs typically start off white and are striped either vertically or horizontally. It is up to you to color-coordinate with their wardrobe! Luckily, most vendors will let you choose your colors so you have that flexibility.

They are made of soft microfiber which feels nice against the skin and does not get wrinkled like wool could.

Big Sister Book

One of the best ways to help a child understand and embrace their new role is by reading them a book about being a big sister. There are many books available on the market that cover topics such as the responsibilities of being a big sister and how to be a good role model for their new sibling.

Crochet scarf

This lovely, warm, and unique gift is made of easy-to-find materials and takes only basic crochet skills. It can be customized to fit any size neckline! Many people add special touches like ruffles or flowers to increase its attractiveness.

This pretty blue and white pattern comes with step by step instructions for both a simple square scarf as well as an adorable lacy shawl. The perfect project if you have ever wanted to try crocheting!

Flip flops

Having your new big sister’s very first pair of shoes made or received as a gift is always fun to see. If you are looking to make her feel even more loved, get her some flip-flops to enjoy!

Big Sister T-Shirt

Help your new big sister feel proud of her new role with a special big sister t-shirt. This is a great way for her to show off her new status and feel like a big kid.

Special Doll or stuffed animal

Give your new big sister a special doll or stuffed animal to play with and take care of, just like she will be doing with her new sibling. This will help her understand the responsibilities of being a big sister and make her feel more involved in the new addition to the family.


Give your new big sister a special piece of jewelry, such as a necklace or bracelet, that she can wear to show off her new role. This is a great way to make her feel special and proud of her new status.


Help your new big sister document her new role by creating a scrapbook for her. This is a great way for her to remember all the special moments of her new sibling’s arrival and her new role as a big sister.

Big Sister Kit

This is a collection of thoughtful items that will help your new big sister to feel more involved and special. The kit may include items like a special notebook, a big sister badge, a book, and a t-shirt.

Beach bag

A beach bag is a great way to refresh your handbag collection! They are very popular again, with brands designing them for all sorts of uses. These include being able to use it as a casual day-to-day carry-all or even as a travel accessory if you pack it right.

Most people associate bags made from leather with long lasting prestige but that isn’t always the case. Some say they feel heavy and expensive looking which may be reasons some don’t choose leather over other materials.

However, there are many variety of smartly designed beach bags that contain vegan leather (no animal products used in making the skin) and/or recycled plastic and/or paper components. Many claim this type of leather is just as strong and durable!

There are also lots of different styles available so whether you like simple, geometric shapes or more flamboyant designs, these can be found easily.

Big Sister Photo Album as New sibling Gift

A Big Sister Photo Album is a great gift for an older sibling when welcoming a new baby into the family. Not only does it serve as a reminder of the bond between siblings, it also provides an opportunity for the older sibling to feel special and included in this new experience.

Big Sister gifts from baby are thoughtful ways to recognize the adjustment that comes with being a big sister and to help her feel cherished by both parents and the new big sister.


Becoming a big sister is a big step in a child’s life, and it is important to make them feel special and appreciated. By giving them a thoughtful gift that celebrates their new role, you can help them embrace their new role and make this transition an exciting and memorable one.

Consider one of these ideas or come up with your own special way to show your new big sister just how much you care. By giving gift you can make big sister happy and big sister will love this a lot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you’ve still got questions about New Big Sister Gift Ideas, then these may help:

How do I make the new big sister feel special?

When a new baby arrives, being the big sister or brother is an incredibly important role in the family. To make the soon-to-be big sister feel special, you can get her a perfect gift that she will love. Gifts such as baby dolls, personalized gifts with her name on it, or a “big sister” tumbler are great gifts.

You can also get her items to help her prepare for the baby such as diapers, a sibling gift set, or a big sister coloring activity book. Matching gifts like getting both a baby doll for her and one for the new little one are also an adorable way to show how much you care about your incredible big sister.

There are many best gifts for big sisters out there that will make them feel special and important when the new baby comes into their lives.

Whether it is something practical like a 50 piece diaper bag to take care of the new baby, or something more meaningful like personalized jewelry with her name on it – any of these gifts are sure to highlight your older big sister’s role in the family and make her excited about her new responsibility.

What is the best gift for big sister?

The best gift for big sister is something that she will love and cherish forever. It could be something special for her like a personalized gift or a new baby doll to symbolize the new role of being a big sibling.

There are also gifts which can help make the transition with a new baby easier, like getting her a “big sister” shirt or hat with her name on it. This will help her feel proud of her new important role in the family.

Personalized gifts are always meaningful and appreciated, as they highlight the special bond between siblings. For an older big sister, useful gifts such as a “Big Sister Survival Kit” would help her adjust to the big change in family dynamics when introducing a new little brother or sister into the family.

Additionally, you can give your big sister fun gifts such as crafts and activities to help keep her busy while taking care of their new baby around the house. Big sister gifts are sure to make your big girl excited for her new role and make any expectant big sister feel like the perfect big sister before their little one arrives!

What is a good surprise for your sister?

A great surprise for your big sister is a baby sibling! It’s such an adorable way to make her feel special and she will definitely love it. You can get a baby brother or baby sister, whichever best fits your family.

Having a new baby in the family is always something to expect with joy and excitement and this gift can make her feel extra special as she takes on the role of big sister. There are plenty of perfect big sister gifts you can give her to help her transition into her new role in the family.

A meaningful gift like a “Big Sister” t-shirt or mug with her name on it will highlight how proud she is to be a big sister. You can also get her gifts that will help keep her busy as she helps take care of the new little sibling in your life.

50 Big Sister Gifts are an ideal pick for when it comes to finding fitting big sister gifts that she’ll love. These gifts highlight how important and valued being a big sister is while helping prepare her for all the responsibilities that come with it. Whatever gift you decide to give, make sure that it conveys just how much your big sister means to you and your family.

What should I gift my elder sister on her birthday?

For your elder sister’s birthday, you want to find a special gift that she will love. You can get her something that celebrates her role as a big sister, such as a “big sis” mug or t-shirt or something with the phrase “I’m a Big Sister” on it. You could also personalize the gift with her name on it and make her feel extra special.

If your sister has recently welcomed a new baby sibling into the family, then there are some great gifts to help her adjust and take care of the new addition.

Gifts like a big sister survival kit, an adorable “I’m the Big Sister” onesie for the baby, or even just something practical like diapers and wipes can help your sister stay organized and prepared while she takes care of her new baby. Finally, give her something that shows how proud you are of her for taking on such an important role in your life – being an ideal big sister!

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