Easy Ways to Be a Smarter Mom This Year

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When it comes to soothing a wound without a bandaid, you’re a certified master. However, even if you think you have your mom game entirely on point, you might nevertheless benefit from a few tips.

How can you be a smarter mom this year? The following ten tips can help you do everything from getting your finances in order to enjoying more time with your little ones.

1. Make a Family Budget

According to the American Psychological Association, money is the number one cause of stress in the United States. Fully 72% of people report tossing and turning over cash or a lack of it.

One way to regain control is to make a family budget. Sit down with your bank statements and assign each purchase to a category — their online portal may do this work for you. Then, start identifying areas where you can cut back. Maybe Friday pizza night remains sacrosanct, but you can give up your morning lattes in favor of tea brought from home.

2. Cover Your Bases

Speaking of finances, what would happen to your loved ones if you could no longer provide for them? You owe it to your children to cover them with life insurance. If you purchase a term policy online, you may not need a health exam, making it ideal for those who have medical conditions like diabetes.

Health insurance is another must unless you have zero room in your budget after paying rent and buying groceries. An unexpected hospital bill can quickly lead to financial hardship, especially in today’s COVID-19 era.

3. Hire a Trustworthy Sitter

Even if you win Mother of the Year, you need a break sometimes. However, you won’t enjoy your downtime if you spend every second worrying about how your kids are doing.

Learn what questions you should ask when interviewing a prospective child care professional. Don’t shy away from topics such as corporal punishment. You’ll enjoy your romantic dinner alfresco much more if you rest assured your sitter opposes spanking as much as you do.

4. Talk to Your Child’s Teachers

You may have returned your children to a traditional school or chosen to continue at home. Depending on your location, you might not have a choice but to homeschool. Either way, you should talk to your child’s teachers as soon as possible.

Make every effort to attend back to school night. Prepare meaningful questions to ask, such as, “how does this subject matter relate to my child’s future career prospects?” Jot down special needs you want to be sure to address so that your child gets the most personalized education possible.

5. Learn What Meal Prep Is — and Isn’t

Are you like some folks who shy away from meal prep out of fear that it will rob you of dinnertime spontaneity? Please banish that silly notion now.

All this technique does is free you from the burden of having to chop veggies and whip together sauces at day’s end Take an hour or so on your slow day to portion out bell peppers and radishes. You’ll end up saving both money and calories while impressing your family with your weeknight culinary mastery.

6. Engage Your Kids in Exercise

You know that you feel better after a workout. Guess what? Your children do, too, and a little exercise may improve their behavior.

If the weather is nice, why not take a walk to the park together? If it rains, put on music and dance around your living room — compete to see who can invent the craziest moves.

7. Incorporate Quiet Time

Is “go to your room” a punishment in your household? Why not try making it a treat?

Getting your child used to quiet playtime builds their independence and mindfulness while giving you a much-needed break. Your kids can use the time to read, color or take a nap.

8. Gather Up Free Educational Resources

Even if your child returned to a traditional school, you can’t be sure the pandemic won’t cause further upheavals. Please don’t think you can get lazy when it comes to homework help.

Instead, gather all the free resources you can find. These materials will help if a future round of shutdowns occurs, and it also provides useful supplemental material for class projects.

9. Prioritize Adult Time

As much as you love your children, spending all day every day with them can grow tiring. Plus, it’s challenging to avoid saying hurtful things in an impulsive moment when your patience evaporates.

Instead, prioritize adult time. Maintain a Friday night date night with your spouse or meet your fellow moms for a girls’ night out. You’ll return refreshed and ready to face the littles again.

10. Take Time to Appreciate Your Kids

Kids grow up quickly. It seems like you no more than blink, and it’s their birthday again. You can’t get these years back, so enjoy them while you can.

Go ahead and book that vacation for after authorities perfect a vaccine. Take a sunny fall afternoon off work and enjoy gathering colorful leaves with your 4-year-old before the weather cools. Help them make a turkey craft with their findings and display it proudly on your Thanksgiving refrigerator. It’s the memories that matter most.

Be a Smarter Mom This Year With These 10 Easy Tips

Upping your mom game need not become a chore. By following these ten tips, you can be a smarter parent this year.



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