Growing Well: The Benefits Of Organic Food

Every mother knows that milk is the mainstay of nutrition for babies in their first year of life. The composition of infant formula includes many other products and substances listed on the packaging.

However, even inexperienced parents can understand all the terminology and properties of these components of the formula. What do they mean, and how do they work on the baby’s body? Modern trends in nutrition promote a healthy lifestyle and the consumption of organic products.

The best organic baby formula on the European market is Hipp formula and Loulouka formula.


What Are Organic Products?

Even now, not all consumers understand, and there are legends about their effects on the body. Some people consider “organic” to be just another fashion, while others are convinced of the benefits of these products. Let’s try to figure out if they are really useful.

Potatoes or milk from “grandmothers” are not organic. Local farm products aren’t either. Organic products are those that are grown using pesticides, synthetic mineral fertilizers, and genetically modified organisms. No hormones, growth stimulants, or antibiotics are used in livestock production. Organic production has minimal impact on nature. Everything grows and develops under conditions as close to natural as possible.

Every stage of organic production must be tracked and certified, organic farming must be transparent at every stage of work and comply with standards. Each certificate is a mark of quality, which allows you to trace the path of the product from the grain to the shelf.

Why Organic Food Is More Expensive

From an economic point of view, organic production is very costly: the technology of growing and processing is strictly regulated by standards, and it is production that goes through the certification procedure. And since the cost of organic production is higher, the cost to consumers increases on average by 15-30%, and in some cases – by 50%. This is because in the process of cultivation, the crop can suffer damage, because for organic products cannot use chemicals to combat pests and means, increase yield. Accordingly, such products are more expensive, that is, you pay for the quality.

Another fundamental difference from conventional farming is that organic – uses more manual labor. Monitoring goes to the condition of each plant, and accordingly arranged care.

Benefits Of Organic Baby Formulas

If your baby consumes organic baby formula, he grows up healthy, smart and energetic. After all, this type of infant formula is:

  • Is designed for the healthy growth and development of babies from birth;
  • Used when there is insufficient or no breast milk and is especially well combined with breast milk when a baby needs to be mixed-fed;
  • Contains natural polyunsaturated fatty acids (ARA/DNA, Omega-3 and Omega-6), important for brain development and vision;
  • Contains natural calcium from organic milk and calcium carbonate from natural mineral sources, which is important for bone formation;
  • Contains an age-appropriate amount of high-quality, easily digestible protein, which is quite derived from organic milk
  • Contains a balanced combination of essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • Adapted to the needs of babies during their first months of life and is easy to digest
  • Guarantees the high quality of the product and the application of strict requirements for organic products.

The best organic baby formula on the European market is Hipp formula and Loulouka formula.

In my opinion, the main advantage of organic products is that by eating them, we stop eating chemicals. Or will a person feel some effect – it is very individual. Personally, I have been using organic products for 7 years now and feel positive changes in my well-being, sleep quality and overall activity. Organic fruits and vegetables have a much brighter taste and flavor, as opposed to conventional fruits and vegetables from the supermarket.

Often people say, “Why overpay for organics if you can buy cheaper and also tasty at grandma’s market?” The fact is that vegetables “from grandma” at the market are not necessarily grown without chemicals – there is no guarantee that these people are not using pesticides and mineral fertilizers to improve their crops.

But if the product, no matter what it is – or bread or dairy formula has an organic certificate, then it gives a 100% guarantee that the product is of high quality.

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