How CBD Counteracts THC

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The cannabis plant has a lot of uses. It contains a lot of cannabinoids that can be used for both recreational and medicinal purposes.

In particular, CBD and THC are two of the most popularly known and used by the public. The latter is very intoxicating. When consumed in large amounts for a long time it can cause psychotic behaviors, anxiety and brain ailments.

CBD has been found to counteract these effects when consumed together with it. Below are some few details. You can also checkout this link for more information

How does this happen?

To understand this, basic knowledge of the functioning of human endocannabinoid system (ECS) is required. It is the system that regulates the processes involving interactions with the nervous system.

The interactions mainly involve the CB-1 and CB-2 receptor cells but can also include other cells too. Based on the signals being transmitted, information is relayed in the process and results such as mood alteration and imbalances can be produced.

The CB-1 cells are mainly concentrated in the nervous system while the CB-2 cells are concentrated in the immune system. As such, imbalances in the nervous system can result in illnesses as a result of malfunctioning of the immune system.

Scientific research shows that THC has a high affinity for CB-1 receptor cells than other cannabinoids. It binds to the receptor cell at a position opposite to that where CBD will bind. The latter alters the shape and other properties of the cell thus reducing the rate at which THC binds to the cell.

This in turn reduces the effects such as anxiety and psychotic behaviors. This is referred to as the entourage effect, whereby when consumed together the cannabinoids balance each other’s properties to produce optimum results.

Also, it can happen either by CBD binding to a different receptor hence canceling out the result of the other receptor, or by inhibition of some enzymes.

What is the importance?

The counteraction is very important mainly because it eliminates or reduces the negative side of the cannabis products. For instance, an epileptic patient may want to use the product for the sole purpose of managing the seizures.

Here the entourage effect ensures that the psychoactive property which causes one to feel high is canceled out. Thus the product still functions to reduce the seizures without getting the patient high. Similarly, it allows one to use the medicine for as long as required without anxiety or inducing psychosis. Therefore, it is very useful in balancing the effects caused by individual compounds of cannabis.

Also, products with high THC levels are illegal in most states unless prescribed by a doctor for medicinal purposes. Hence the government can easily regulate consumption by ensuring than only those goods that are high in CBD content are allowed for distribution and purchase.

Another importance is that it enhances the good properties of the compounds. For example, it boosts the pain management property which is beneficial for patients with chronic illnesses such as cancer and advanced arthritis. Despite canceling out some properties, it can still be used for stress, depression and management of other health conditions. Click here to see other benefits of using CBD.

What is the negative side of this?

It has only a few side effects, the first one being that it hinders the use of the cannabis product for recreation. Even if you increase the intake, the resultant effects of the two cannabinoids will still be balanced hence no euphoria.

The second one is that if you happen to consume the CBD before the THC it will increase the levels of the latter in your bloodstream. This produces the opposite of the intended results.


It has been proven that CBD counteracts THC through the entourage effect. Although it puts those who use cannabis for recreation at a disadvantage, this is a major step in the medical field. With the right content ratio of the two compounds, cannabis drugs can be manufactured to combat various ailments without worrying about addiction and intoxication. While this is true, it is also important to remember that when consuming specific isolates you should take THC after CBD so as to avoid spiking the levels. Strict adherence to the dosage and instructions is required. You should opt for broad spectrum products as they contain a wide variety of the cannabinoids in the right amount.

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