How To Choose The Perfect Radiator Colour For Your Project

Radiators are an important addition to any home, although their traditional, white designs are easily overlooked. Just because a radiator is a necessity, that doesn’t mean that it should be boring! These days, radiators are evolving – whether that’s with their efficiency or with the design of the radiator itself. If you’re looking for a radiator to suit a specific space, aesthetic, or design of a room, there are a range of modern radiators available to suit every purpose and personal taste. With designer radiators uk, you can choose from brightly coloured radiators, sleek, shiny metallic radiators, or a modern twist on tradition with an anthracite radiator.

Chrome – Sleek

Chrome radiators are sleek and modern, they are great when it comes to making a statement, as well as providing energy efficiency and high-quality heat coverage. Chrome radiators can be a feature in themselves when added to any room in the house but look particularly great in a kitchen or bathroom. Adding a chrome radiator to your bathroom means not only heating your room but heating and drying your towels too! Chrome radiators add a sense of luxury to your home, and if you’re not a fan of the mirrored surface, you can opt for a brushed finish.

Black – Stylish

Black radiators are becoming more popular. They can really stand out in a space, especially if they’re added to a light-coloured room. Adding a radiator in a darker colour like black is a way to draw attention, so choosing a radiator in this colour means you can create a real feature out of your new radiator, a talking point for guests. If you’ve decided on a black radiator, you can choose from different designs and styles – if you’re going to make it a feature, make sure you choose a show-stopping design!

Anthracite – Traditional

Grey is a colour that has really taken off when it comes to home interiors, including radiators! Anthracite grey radiators are on-trend and can fit a range of homes and styles perfectly, whether you’re hoping to keep a more traditional style and look, or you’re looking to create a more modern feel – these radiators really can do it all. Anthracite radiators are sleek and modern, so would suit a new home or could help to create a fresh feel within a room. However, if your property is more traditional, and you’re hoping to keep it that way, you could choose an anthracite column radiator that is authentic in style and robust, it truly is the epitome of class.

Silver Radiators – Glamour

Adding a bit of glamour to your home has never been easier with the rise in popularity of the silver-coloured radiator. If you’re looking to add some modern class to your space but want something that will last through time and changing décor, a silver radiator is a perfect option. Silver radiators still allow you to make a statement but mean you don’t have to commit to a colour. If you decide to change the décor in your room, a silver radiator will suit any colour or design you choose with ease. With boutique and designer silver radiators available, you can choose the radiator that will perfectly suit your project, whether you’re looking for a vertical radiator, horizontal, or something to fit a smaller space, there are radiators to suit all spaces.

Coloured Radiators – Personality

If you’re looking to add a dash of personality to your home, a coloured radiator could be a great option for you. With coloured radiators available in all different designs from vertical to column to horizontal panelled, there’s something to suit all tastes. You could choose a calming blue hue to create a relaxing atmosphere but still make a statement. Or choose a bright, vibrant red to really create a talking point. If the interior of your room is simple and toned down, adding a coloured radiator is a good way to ensure it is the main feature of your room and can help to uplift your space entirely.

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