How to Host a Mardi Gras Party

As Mardi Gras approaches, anticipation for the celebrations grows among attendees, and hosts are on the hunt for fresh ideas. The festivities of Mardi Gras are rooted in religious tradition, serving as the last celebration before the period of fasting. Known as “the feast before the fast,” its origins stem from Catholic practices, yet it remains a time for everyone to enjoy themselves, no matter their religious beliefs.

Are you hosting a party this year? Well, you have come to the right place. If you are throwing a Mardi Gras party this year, you can easily replicate the famous traditions happening in New Orleans. From live music, Mardi Gras specials, and decorating your space for the party, we have you covered for your Mardi Gras celebrations. Just follow these six simple steps and host a party like never before! 

  • Use Flyers

Of course, everybody wants a full house at their party. Thus, even before you make arrangements for the party, you need to get the word out. The best way to spread the word and get people coming in is by promoting your Mardi Gras party with flyers. Gone are the days when flyers were just a piece of paper. Today, there are many ways you can use a flyer to let people know about your Mardi Gras party. 

You can still hand out flyers. However, they are more effective if you use them digitally. Make a post of your Mardi Gras party flyer on your social media accounts. You can also send them in group chats on WhatsApp and Telegram. If you are not a pro at designing, you can easily create custom Mardi Gras flyers with PosterMyWall. Browse through thousands of templates there and pull in the crowd this year. 

  • Set the mood

One of the most important components of your party setup is decking out your place with Mardi Gras party decorations. This means that your place should be full of balloons, beads, feathers, confetti, and glitter galore. You should also make sure to incorporate the original Mardi Gras colors too. In case you do not know, that is green (faith), purple (justice), and gold (power). 

Try to DIY as much of your decorations as possible. Lanterns, banners, and colorful paper chains are great places to start. You can also make your own beaded necklaces. Get trees with glitter and beads for an extra glint. Have a few pals give you a hand and set the mood for your guests. 

  • Plan the menu

The foods and drinks you serve are the key elements to making your party a success. There is no celebration like Mardi Gras where everyone feasts and enjoys. However, the Lent tradition includes avoiding meat on the occasion. Therefore, you will have to decide something that does not go against the tradition. Nevertheless, there are plenty of food options to choose from when it comes to Mardi Gras.

Serve traditional dishes like jambalaya, gumbo, rice, and red beans. Make a sweet cake known as the King cake and decorate it with the Mardi Gras colors. Set up a DIY sandwich station and have people create their own sandwiches. Serve classic cocktails like Sazeracs, Hurricanes, and Ramos gin fizzes. New Orleans food, including spicy dishes and delicious seafood, also works great to ensure a great time for your guests. Consider serving your food on gold, purple, and green plates to add an extra effect of festiveness. 

  • Plan activities and games

The party is incomplete if there are no games or activities for the guests. However, for a Mardi Gras party, several options will keep the entertainment going. 

Organize a scavenger hunt and let the guests search for Mardi Gras-themed items hidden around your place. Set up a DIY mask station and let people design their own Mardi gras masks. Build a photo booth with themed props and let your guests capture memories. Play Mardi Gras traditional games like musical chairs or pin the tail on the alligator. 

Consider handing out prizes for the winners to make your activities funnier. Mardi Gras-themed presents include masks, beads, or New Orleans hot sauce bottles. 

  • Choose the music

Music is an essential part of any party, and a Mardi Gras party is no exception. The traditional music for this occasion is upbeat and lively, with a mix of blues, jazz, and funk. Start with classic jazz and blues songs from artists like Fats Domino and Louis Armstrong. Include funk songs from bands like The Meters and The Neville Brothers. Furthermore, to take your selection to the next level, get a live DJ to provide entertainment for the night. They can create an authentic Mardi Gras atmosphere. 

  • Dress up and have fun 

The final step of hosting a Mardi Gras party is to let loose and have fun. Encourage people to dress up in their favorite Mardi Gras-themed outfits. You can even host a costume contest where people can show off their Mardi Gras outfits. Some Mardi Gras costumes include pirates, jester outfits, and alligator costumes. 

Have a look at how divinediva creations planned a Mardi Gras party. 

Keep the party going all night! 

Hosting a Mardi Gras party should be more about the atmosphere than the specifics. You do not need to be in New Orleans to enjoy Mardi Gras. Right in your own space, you can celebrate Mardi Gras in style. All you need to do is follow these steps and you can host a top-notch party at your place.

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