IV Sedation Dentistry vs. General Anesthesia

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Many patients are experiencing anxiety about visiting the dentist. This is a result of trauma from past dental procedures or some other negative experiences. But no matter how much you fear dental treatments, you will still have to visit your dentist. This is because of the fact that we all need some treatment at some point in our life. 


The good thing about contemporary dentistry is that most of the treatments are already painless. This is of course with the help of sedation dentistry. This field of specialization in dentistry aims to ensure that the whole procedure will not lead to any traumatic thought for the patient. 


IV Sedation Introduction

IV sedation is one of the options that can be helpful for patients who are experiencing anxiety whenever there is a need for dental treatment. With IV sedation, the sedative is given through a vein. This makes the procedure effective and quick. Another important thing to note with this is that the dentist can adjust the level of sedative to be given because it is administered intravenously. With this, it is easier for the dentist to lessen the risk and the side effects of the sedation. 


Benefits of IV Sedation Dentistry

Here are the different benefits of IV sedation: 


  • Stronger Sedative Effect

There are other sedation options that can be administered to the patient. However, IV sedation is something that is known to be stronger in terms of its effect. This is in comparison to inhalation sedation. 


  • Patients can Recover Faster

In terms of oral sedation or general anesthesia, it is expected that the patient needs hours to totally recover. This is one of the things that make these options a bit disadvantageous for some. But in terms of IV sedation, you can expect that you will be able to recover faster. As compared to the other options, it only requires a short period of recovery time. 


  • Eases Severe Anxiety

This is an option that is given to people who have extreme or severe anxiety. It is strong enough to make patients feel relaxed during the whole procedure. As compared to other options, it comes with a stronger level of sedation that can really be helpful for extreme fear of dental treatments. 


  • Reduces the Gag Reflex

Gag reflex or what is known as the contraction of the throat can be very inconvenient to dentists. This is a reflexive action that can happen during the dental procedure. But with IV sedation, this can be lessened. 


  • Allows Patients to Remain Conscious

This is another good thing about IV sedation. In comparison to general anesthesia, the patient can expect that he or she will be conscious during the whole procedure. This makes it more convenient for the dentist to do the work. 


General Anesthesia: Introduction

General anesthesia makes the patient completely unaware of what is happening around him or her. This is because this procedure combines IV sedation and inhaled gas. This can only be given by an anesthesiologist. During the whole procedure, the patient does not know what is happening. After the anesthesia wears off, they cannot remember what happened. This is a safe procedure. It is usually given to patients who have drug allergies, those who have conditions like diabetes and those who may experience seizures. 

When Is General Anesthesia Needed?

General anesthesia is not really commonly used but here are the different instances when it is needed:.


  • Other Types of Complex Oral Surgery

IV sedation is the usual option that is given to extreme cases of anxiety. However, the dentist can also decide to choose general anesthesia in terms of complex oral surgery. However, there is a need for the patient to be assessed first to determine the need for such. 


  • For Traumatic Dental Procedures

There are some dental procedures that can be very traumatic to the patient. To be able to lessen the impact of the dental treatment, the dentist can consider general anesthesia. One of the procedures that needed this type of sedation option is the removal of a wisdom tooth that may be a bit difficult to do. 


  • For Extremely Anxious Individuals 

There are some instances when patients do not want to cooperate due to the level of anxiety they feel. This is something that can also happen during dental procedures. When it is necessary, general anesthesia is administered to the patient. 


  • A Popular Choice in Patients with Extreme Anxiety, Behavioral Changes, or Disabilities

If the issue already concerns the behavior or disability of a certain patient, there is a need for a stronger sedation option. This is to save them from further anxiety and also the trauma of being subject to the dental procedure. This is also one way on how the dentists at Markham Stouffville Smile Centre will be able to gain control of the whole procedure. 


Dental procedures are better now as compared to what takes place during the past decades. Options are available for people who may still have that fear of being in a dentist’s office. Dental procedures are part of our existence. Being able to go on with one without feeling anxious and avoiding trauma is possible.

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