Look Sexy For Your Valentine’s Date With These Five Fashion Tips

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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we’re sure you’ll be thinking of how you can dress to impress your date. This is a classic hallmark occasion where you have every excuse to go all out and express love to the ones you adore most. Although you can technically celebrate with friends, there’s something special about heading out for a date on this day. Whether it’s your first date with someone or the two of you have been together for years, a Valentine’s Day date always promises a night to remember.

All this excitement can also lead to a lot of pressure, and you might find yourself wracking your brains for an outfit to pick for the night. If you’re confused, keep reading below. We’ve listed down some of the best fashion tips to help you make a lasting impression on your date and lock them down for good.

Pick the right accessories

When we think of putting together an outfit, many of us can often neglect the importance of accessories. However, accessories can make or break your outfit. Even the best, most luxurious clothes can look bland without the right accessories. The type of accessories you pick can depend on a variety of factors. Your personal style, time, and location, you can even choose a dress that matches the accessories you plan on wearing instead of picking the dress first.

Although you can choose to go bold, it can be better to opt for something on the more romantic, minimalist side for Valentine’s Day. Delicate yet eye-catching pieces can help you make a statement without going too overboard. For example, perfect earrings for Valentine’s Day, ditch the necklace and let your dress and hair-do do the rest of the magic. Moreover, delicate earrings are easy to accessorize, and you can pair them with a range of outfits, colors, and fabrics.

Your handbag is an essential accessory too. So, pick something that looks good with your dress and can carry everything you would need.

Pick a slinky slip dress

One of the best ways to blow your date away this Valentine’s Day is by picking a gorgeous, slinky slip dress. It’s iconic, comfortable, easy-to-manage, and it’s sexy. You’ve probably seen this dress on all your favorite celebs, including Kate Moss to Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, and Elizabeth Hurley. So, pull out a page from their fashion notebook this year.

Slip dresses are usually tailored in the most flattering, barely-there fabrics such as silk or lace and have a defined cut. These dresses are super easy to wear and take off. If your date is in the afternoon, slip on a pair of sandals, a hat, and dainty jewelry, and you’re good to go. For evening dates, grab your sexiest heels, red lipstick, and a shrug if you’re feeling chilly.

Pick the traditional shades

When you think of Valentine’s Day, the only color theme that comes to mind is red and pink. So, it doesn’t make sense to think long and hard about what colors you want to wear for this auspicious occasion. Pick something vibrant and as girly as possible if you’re looking for an easy, effortless way to make a statement.

Flaunting a monochromatic look is one of the easiest ways to avoid looking like a fashion disaster on V-day. Vibrant jewel-toned pinks, magentas, and reds can make for an outfit that your date won’t forget any time soon. However, if jewel tones are too vivid for your taste, you can opt for lavender, lilac, and pastel hues. These make for a more muted yet equally eye-catching look ideal for daytime dates. White sheers with colored inner pieces are also a chic way to grab attention. But if you want to go all out on looking sexy, nothing does that better than black!

Don’t go all fitted

We’re sure you’ll want to ramp up the sex appeal by opting for a dress that hugs your body as tightly as you’d like your date to. However, overdoing it can make you look trashy. In particular, don’t go for a fully fitted outfit, or you can turn heads but not the way you would want. Body-con may seem sexy, but they can highlight your body’s flaws and make you feel super-uncomfortable.

Instead, try to put together an outfit that allows you to highlight your body’s best features. Picking luxurious and draping fabrics can help you accentuate your body where you see fit while hiding away your flaws. If you opt for a fitted top, go for a loose, flowy bottom and vice versa. Once you establish some balance within your dress, you can land a better impression on your date.

Try some leather

When you think of V-day outfits, leather may not be the first option that comes to mind. However, leather can be an excellent pick for this occasion, and it can give your partner a pleasant surprise. When worn in moderation, a touch of leather can make you look much edgier, sexier, and enticing.

One of the best ways to add leather to your V-day outfit is by opting for colored leather. Red or maroon leather pants can look perfect when paired with a flowy blouse and add some charisma. Additionally, wearing a classic leather jacket can keep you warm while looking ravishing on a cold February evening. Plus, if your partner digs the whole bondage vibe, it might be a good way to set the mood for the evening.


Picking a Valentine’s Day outfit can be tricky when under immense pressure to land a lasting impression. However, you’ll ensure your partner can’t take their eyes and hands off you with these fashion tips. So, sort your bling out, pick a lovely comfy dress that’s easy to wear and take off, and you’re all set. You can take pictures in the mirror to see how you look or get a second opinion from a friend to avoid a fashion disaster.

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