Top Tips for a Fun and Safe Garden for Children to Play In

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If you are bored of your garden and you are worried that your children are also getting bored, then this article will give you hints and tricks of how to make your outdoor space more entertaining for your children, how to make your garden more social for younger and older children and lastly the most important step, how to ensure your garden is both child safe and educational.

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Consider switching your natural grass to artificial grass


It is a good idea to switch your lawn from natural grass to artificial grass, as children frequently run around and play on grass and natural grass gets worn and torn as a result of this. On the other hand, artificial grass is very durable, and it isn’t likely break as easily as natural grass. There is also no need to worry about whether artificial grass will offer a soft landing like natural grass does, because artificial grass is of a very similar texture to natural grass, so your children will still be protected in case they fall over.


Use fruit and vegetable patches


If you add fruit and vegetable patches to your garden, it will give your children and interest and an insight into how fruit and vegetables are grown. This will therefore, educate your children in how food is produced, and it may also encourage them to eat fruit and vegetables as they may feel rewarded by eating the fruit and vegetables that they have grown. It may also become a memorable memory from their childhood in years to come, as this can be a family bonding activity.


Add playground equipment


This will definitely add the fun factor to your garden. The type of playground equipment that you will require, will vary from garden to garden, but it’s important to look at the type of play equipment that your child enjoys whilst at the park and to see if you can add similar play equipment to your garden. However, if buying playground equipment is a bit far-fetched, your child will enjoy other equipment such as a trampoline, a paddling pool and a football goal just as much as they would a swing or a climbing frame.


Add a picnic area


A picnic is a really easy way of creating outdoor fun for children. Many children love ‘teddy bear picnics’ and if you add a picnic area to your garden, there will be many opportunities for you and your children to create fun picnics. A picnic bench will come in handy, if you are looking to host frequent picnics.


Add a sand pit if you have younger children


Sand pits are good fun for younger children and it is an easy way of bringing the ‘beach’ to your home. When a child plays with sand, it helps to develop their cognitive skills and it can also help children play together and see the concept of sharing and working within a group, which is essential for later childhood.


If you have older children add a social area


If you have teenagers, then why not spoil them with a cool and trendy outdoor social area? It will keep them, and their friends entertained for hours and they will really be pleased with having their own space to socialise in. You may create an outdoor room as their social space or you may add decking or a patio for the teenagers to hang out on, either way it is their own space and they will find enjoyment out of having their own area.