Why You Should Send Your Child to Christian School

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As a Christian parent, you’re probably already aware that God instructs you to raise up your children in the way they should go — at least according to Proverbs. One way to accomplish this is to send your child to a Christian school. While the Lord’s command may be the biggest reason for making this decision, it certainly isn’t the only one. There are a plethora of benefits to sending your child to a school that teaches the Bible, and may even lead them to consider going to one of the best Christian colleges.

1. Prayer Is a Priority

One huge benefit of sending your child to a Christian school is the teachers ensure that prayer is a priority each day. Whether the school prays together before weekly chapel, students pray together before lunch or the Bible teacher begins class by communiing with God, your child will pray at least once a day. Thus, they’ll strengthen their relationsip with their teachers, fellow students and their creator. Plus, prayer will more than likely become a mainstay in their lives.

2. Environment Is Safe

Private Christian schools aren’t immune to bullying. However, since the school screens prospective students and class size is typically smaller, there’s less chance of bullies targetting your child. Plus, Christian school teachers are generally more attentive to their students and will not tolerate bullying. Rather, they create an emotionally and spiritually safe environment so your child can express their thoughts and ideas without fear of judgement or negative reprecussions.

3. Teachers Model Christian Values

Teachers will also become positive role models for your child as they exemplify Christ through their own actions and their relationships with students. Often, these teachers will become mentors and even friends that encourage and support them. As they model Christian values and principles, they are an authority figure your child can look up to. Thus, your little one will learn at an early age what it looks like to walk the faith daily.

4. Students Recieve More Attention

Christian school students also recieve more one-on-one time with teachers. This extra individual instruction is due, at least in part, to a faith-based approach to teaching. Becuase the teachers view students as beings with talent and God-given gifts, they tend to put more time and energy into instructing them. Additionally, a smaller class size also promotes individual attention. Public schools have a student-to-teacher ration of 16:1 whereas private schools’ ratio is about 12:1, allowing teachers to get to know each student.

5. Bible-Centered Curriculum

Public schools teach kids using secular curriculum that may or may not align with the Bible and its teachings. By sending your child to a Christian school, however, you can rest easy knowing the curriculum supports Christian values. Instead of learning about creation, sex and other topics through the lens of the world, your child will come to understand these subjects within a Christian frame. Thus, they safely develop a worldview that aligns with your family’s beliefs.

6. Instruction Encourages Character Development

Unlike most public schools, a Christian school focuses on character development as well as academic advancement. By integrating service opportunities into coursework and providing space for spiritual growth, the Christian education system teaches kids the importance of using what they learn to glorify God. Through these service opportunities, students experience ethics, morals and good character in action. Moreover, they learn how to put their faith — and their studies — into practice outside of class.

7. Better Eduction

You should send your child to a Christian school if you want them to receive a high-level education and attend college after graduation. On top of receiving extra assistance from teachers, students also have a unique oopportunity to begin studying the Bible at an early age. By the time they graduate, they have a solid foundation for pursuing a career in ministry. Moreover, nearly all private school students will attend college, with more than half attending the nation’s most selective.

8. Healthy Social Circle

The friends your child makes when they’re young may very well shape their future. Even if they don’t maintain these childhood friendships, the values and beliefs of their peers can have a huge impact on their habits and attitudes. Luckily, most children attending a Christian school will engage in positive peer pressure, encouraging fellow students to do their best. As your child grows older, they’ll likely carry these good habits with them, regardless of their social circle down the road.

Laying Solid Foundations

You can’t choose which challenges your child will face on the road ahead, but you can choose to train and prepare them for these challenges. By sending them to a private Christian school, you can help them build a solid foundation for both their faith and their intellect.

Through Biblical teaching, prayer, mentorship and character-shaping experiences, the school will provide your child with the tools they need to succeed and press on when challenges do arise. More importantly, they’ll be a shining light for Christ through it all.

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