Awesome Bow and Arrows {That You Can Make!}

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This Christmas my boys got the MOST FUN and unique gift I’ve seen in a long while.

My mother-in-law found these totally awesome bow and arrows at a craft show and they quickly became the favorite Christmas gift of the year.

These bows and arrows are safe indoors (okay, SEMI-safe) and really work great!

Materials you will need:
1/2 inch PVC pipe cut to 38 1/2 inches long
1/4 inch dowel rods cut to 28 inches long
Pool noodles for arrow tips
Thin white nylon twine cut to 38 1/2 inches long
Duct tape in any color or design you like (ours are camo and flames)
Electrical tape 
Pipe Insulation (found in the plumbing area of stores) 
5/16 inch nuts (as in nuts and washers)

Cut 1/4 inch notches on both sides of either end of your PVC pipe using a hacksaw.

Tie a secure knot on one end of the white nylon twine and place it through one of the slits in the PVC pipe (as pictured).

Secure the string with electrical tape.

Tie another knot on the other end of the PVC pipe, keeping in mind the knot should be positioned to make the bow bend when placed through both slits of the other end of the PVC pipe (as pictured).

This side does not need securing with electrical tape, like the other end, but make sure it goes through both slits in the PVC pipe (unlike the other end).

Next, cut pipe insulation to 4 inches in length for the grip on the bow.

Cut one side of the pipe insulation lengthwise so you can put it around the PVC and secure with your choice of duct tape.

Note: Be careful to put the grip on the bow where the arrows will be level when positioned to fire off the top of the grip!

Now to make the arrows!

Using your hacksaw, cut a 1/4 inch slit on one end of the dowel rods.

Cut pool noodles into rounds and then shape to form a bit of an arrow (see picture below).

Now on the other end of the dowel rod (not the notched side), place a nut inside the pool noodle so that when the dowel rod is inserted through the bottom of the pool noodle it slides through the nut as well (as pictured).

Be careful not to push the dowel rod through the top of the pool noodle, you want it to go into the top of the noodle, but not through.

Then secure the rod with glue around the area you pushed through the bottom of the noodle.  Make sure to fill that hole up with glue!

Once dry, you are now ready to GO TO WAR!!!

These super fun bow and arrows are perfect for all kinds of occasions!  What would you make them for?

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