Sausage and Peppers Dinner {A VERY Lazy Mom Dinner!}

Lazy moms!

Once a week I make this super easy, super fast dinner for my family and I just had to share it with you all!

I keep the ingredients stocked at all times so I can pull it out on an evening that I’m either too tired to cook or we have to get out the door quick (like Wednesday nights for church)!

It’s so lazy mom friendly, you may wonder why you never thought of this recipe yourself.  Or you may already make it and this has now become your proof that you are truly a lazy mom! *wink*

There’s only two ingredients to make the main part of the dinner!  Yup!  The sides you choose to put with it make up the rest.  Here is how to make it….

Sausage and Peppers Dinner:
serves a family of 5

2 packages of sausage (I use Oscar Meyer Selects from Walmart because it has no nitrates or nitrites in it or I use Kiolbassa Natural Smoked Sausage from Costco – my family prefers the Costco one, but we don’t always get over there to get it. Note: If you are using the Kiolbassa sausage, you will only need to buy one package.)
1 (14 oz) package of Birds Eye tri-colored peppers and onion blend (or on occasion I use the squash “recipe ready” package, just as yummy!)

This is so easy!  You ready?

Cut up the sausages into bite-sized rounds. If using the sausage I suggested from Walmart, then you will use up both packages of sausage. If you are using the sausage I suggested from Costco, then you will only buy one pack (since it’s a bulk buy) and you will only use half of the sausage in the package.

#LazyMomTip: If you need your sausage to go further because everyone wants to gobble it up, cut it a bit on the skinny side so it looks like more!

Brown the sausage in a large skillet until it is as browned as you like your sausage to be.  Then cut open the package of peppers and onions, and dump it into the skillet.  Cook until the peppers and onions are no longer frozen and just the way you like them and boom!  You are done!

Now let’s talk sides….

The beauty of this recipe is that you can make the side dish while you are cooking the sausage. Dinner is served in under 20 minutes start to finish!

Since this dinner is low-carb, I like to pair our Sausage and Pepper Dinner with “Fotatoes” – a Trim Healthy Mama version of mashed potatoes that are low-carb since they use cauliflower instead of potatoes. (You’ve probably seen them floating around Pinterest.)

Another great low-carb side would be a salad with ranch dressing.  It would be super easy to chop up the salad while you are waiting on the sausage to brown!

If your family isn’t low-carbing it, you can definitely use mashed potatoes or corn as a yummy side dish.  I use heat and serve mashed potatoes and prefer the Bob Evans brand at Walmart.  Heating up any vegetable you have in your pantry or freezer as a side dish is very lazy mom friendly!

And there you have it!  Another recipe so easy, even a lazy mom can do it! (And remember, here’s what being a lazy mom is really all about!)

Love and enough sausage for everyone!
The Lazy Mom

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