Our Visit To Duck Commander {And Willie’s Duck Diner!}

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The kids and I left Texas today.  I still have a few more things I want to tell you about our Texas trip, but I’m pausing all of that to tell you about our stop by Duck Commander in West Monroe, Louisiana today!

Yup.  We totally stopped by!

Being someone who isn’t too much of a “groupie” and often feels that it’s somewhat an invasion of privacy to visit places or people I’ve seen on TV, I thought it might be a little on the “stalking side” to do a stealthy drive-by of the Duck Commander Company building and backdrop of the hit television show, Duck Dynasty.  But I was wrong!

In fact, on the drive over from Texas through Louisiana on I-20, there are billboards encouraging you to take exit 114 off of the interstate and visit Duck Commander.  Who knew?  I thought they’d be encouraging people NOT to stop by!

And speaking of stopping by… it is SUPER easy to get to Duck Commander from I-20.  It’s literally less than a mile from exit 114 (Thomas Road exit), and then one right turn onto Kings Lane.  BAM.  You’re there!

Immediately on your left (after turning onto Kings Lane) is a large gravel parking lot that is for visitors to park in.

This picture is facing the gravel parking lot while standing in the Duck Commander’s loading dock area

You simply walk right over to the Duck Commander building from the parking lot and there you see their (now famous) sign and to the left of that the entrance to their store (that we had no idea they had till we stopped)!

This Duck Commander paved lot you are walking across to get to the sign and store is their loading dock area.  Yup.  THE loading dock:

A stroll through the Duck Commander store is pretty fun.  It’s crammed full of Duck Commander merchandise (of course), and it has some great decorations.

It also has a few fun photo-op areas.

We perused the store for a while and then took a few more pictures outside where their two big buses were parked between the visitor gravel parking lot and the loading dock area.

As soon as we were done there, we skidaddled directly over to Willie’s Duck Diner for dinner!

YES, THEY HAVE A DINER NOW!  And guess what?!  It serves some of Ms. Kay’s best recipes!  AHHHHHH!

My sister-in-law tipped us off on this new diner (which opened in October), or I think we would have totally missed it!  You can’t see it from the interstate or Thomas Road at all.

To get to it from Duck Commander, you drive back toward I-20 and take a left turn onto Constitution Drive where there is a large Academy store attached to a small strip mall.  Willie’s Duck Diner is at the very end of the strip mall.

My son and I split Ms. Kay’s meatloaf, with a side of Ms. Kay’s mac and cheese:

OHMYWORD.  The meatloaf and the mashed potatoes and gravy were amazing!

Also amazing?  The chicken strips my daughter ordered off the kids menu.  I could have ordered those for myself, they were so yummy!

They also bring out a complimentary all-you-can-eat bread basket, complete with biscuits, corn muffins and hush puppies.

Then, we finished off our delicious dinner by sharing Ms. Kay’s banana pudding.

It was LICK-THE-BOWL good! (No, really. My son licked the bowl.  In the middle of the restaurant.)

But I got so busy telling you about the delicious food, that I didn’t even tell you about the great restaurant itself!

If you can’t read the bottom line of the above photo, it says, “Where Saying Grace is Encouraged!”  Love that!

The rest of the restaurant has pictures of the family on the walls, hunting pictures, and TV’s playing Duck Dynasty shows back-to-back.  There’s even a small gift shop where you can buy Willie’s Duck Diner merchandise. (No Duck Commander items were for sale here, so get those at the actual Duck Commander store!)

The whole Diner experience was wonderful!  And when you’re ready to leave, they even have their own way of saying goodbye:

The whole stop (including dinner) took us about an hour to an hour and a half.  But we got right in to the restaurant and we didn’t shop for very long inside the Duck Commander store.

It’s such an easy stop off of I-20, that you just can’t beat stopping by if you find yourself driving by!  And it’s even worth a trip to the area if you aren’t just driving by.  My kids loved it!  (And, okay… I did too!)

Click here for more information about visiting West Monroe and how you can visit more of the places seen in the Duck Dynasty shows.

Over and Out,
The Lazy Mom

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