5 Most Popular Sex Positions

Nowadays, people are becoming much more experimental in the bedroom as the taboo is being broken and we all love to explore brand new pleasure spots. With adult websites and more open conversation meaning we’re all learning about brand new positions we’ve never even thought of, the most popular positions go further than the classic doggy and missionary, often even taking some processing before we work out how to even try them out! As well as exploring with partners, sex toys are becoming more common as we look to enhance both sex and masturbation. Products on the market offer everything from classic vibrators and cock rings to the more adventurous sex machines and BDSM toys.

If you’re looking to try something new in the bedroom, here are 5 positions to give a go:


1. The grinder

Get all the friction and grinding of regular cowgirl, but without the dreaded muscle cramping. Being the ideal position for woman who like being on top, you will want to mount the guy like you’re going into reverse cowgirl but saddling your legs around one of his legs instead. This way, you get to grind up on his leg while both of you can thrust. Plus, he gets a pretty nice view!

2. The ultimate blowjob

Give him the surprise of a lifetime by trying out this blowjob position. Have the guy sit in a chair while you get on your knees between his legs. This way you have have major stability, and thus more control over how much of him you take into your mouth at once. While in this position, you can use your dominant hand to reach between your legs and masturbate, while your other hand is free to stroke his shaft or balls.

3. The dirty dangle

Take missionary up a notch and never look back! Start by getting your partner to enter you while your back is on a flat surface such as a table, a counter, or a desk, so your legs hang off the edge. In this position, you’ll be able to curl your toes or wrap them around your partner while they thrust, giving you a whole new perspective on the traditional position.

4. The turkey

This position will get you both more excited than ever as you both reach new heights. For this, you’ll want to lie on your back and tie your wrists to your calves if you want to act out a submissive role. Your partner will enter you by pushing your legs to the side slightly, making for a tight friction fit so you can feel every last inch of pleasure.

5. The sliding double

Start with your partner going back and forth, sliding his penis over your in long and deep thrusts. If he starts getting too close, have him add more slides and fewer thrusts to drive you both crazy. For extra pleasure, he can also slide his thumb over your clit in slow, teasing circles while he thrusts, having the perfect view of the pleasure that is bound to wash over your face.

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