Are Electric Fireplaces Safer than Space Heaters?

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An electric fireplace is the twin brother of natural woodfire that does not demand any venting or any other costly investments. It proffers from the consequences of a fire without generating real flame, and that is why there is no threat of fire hazards. On the other hand, a space heater is a heating appliance for limited areas and needs to be powered by electricity or burnable fuels that carry the risk of causing a fire. That is why space heaters are considered to be less safe than electric fireplaces.


The manufacturers are adopting technological advancements so that the space heaters can overcome all sources of hazards but still cannot demolish all the accidental injuries. This is a good list to show why electric fireplaces are considered a much safer option than space heaters.


  • The fireplaces do not operate on the forced-air setting and, therefore, do not lead to allergy-causing dust pollution. They seize a pure and hygienic atmosphere inside your room.
  • Space heaters normally emit carbon monoxide while operating with burnable fuels like kerosene, but electric fireplaces do not.
  • The exterior of a space heater may become hot after operating for a certain period and may cause burn accidents for your kids and pets. Even if the body does not become hot, the grills remain extremely hot to cause serious injuries to any individual who comes in contact with these. With an electric fireplace at your place, you do not have to worry about anything about such incidents at all. Because the flames that are generated during the process are images, and touching them is like touching a TV screen.
  • Electric fireplaces can operate under safe heating settings as it can be set in a low-temperature mechanism to warm the house entirely. In contrast, space heaters require huge power consumption to work to maintain a warm atmosphere.
  • Different accidental incidents can take place because of not operating the space heaters properly. It is common in different areas that huge fire accidents took place because of the misuse of space heaters. But the electric fireplace does not allow the same situation to occur. The fireplace’s size and design do not allow any combustible objects to come in contact with the fireplace.
  • As the flames produced by the electric fireplace are images and projection, there are no possibilities of suffocation because of smoke.


In an overall situation, electric fireplaces are more effective and provide efficient heat supply in the entire room than the other space heaters. There are no additional safety hazards while operating it overnight, which is the opposite of space heaters. As a result, no sensible person would announce or pick space heaters over electric fireplaces considering the heaters’ reliability.



There are a wide diversity of fireplaces, and they all overcome the properties of a space heater. Whether it’s the assortment of features that they proffer or the safety accumulations they hold, electric fireplaces are at the top. Profound information can be found more on EmiNickReview.

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