Simple Home Upgrades That Make Winters More Enjoyable

Winter brings bursts of snow and lower temperatures – perfect for winter activities outside, but often difficult to bear once we get inside. Luckily, there are some simple home upgrades that can make winter much more enjoyable!

    • Investing in a programmable thermostat
  • New furnace installation
  • Home insulations
  • Installing thermal curtains


So take this season as an opportunity to invest in some helpful home modifications that will bring warmth (literally) into your home for years to come!


Investing in a programmable thermostat

Not only are these reliable devices relatively affordable, but they also provide maximum comfort and convenience during the colder months. Programmable thermostats allow you to easily control the settings inside your home; this ensures that your living spaces are automatically kept at a comfortable temperature whenever you want them to be.

Similarly, they can help you save money on energy costs by allowing you to set them so that your home is cooler during the night and when no one is home, resulting in lower energy bills over time

New furnace installation

Installing a new furnace can drastically improve the comfort and enjoyment of your home in the winter months. By replacing an outdated or inefficient unit, you may save money on your monthly heating expenses while also improving air quality and minimizing the chances of uncomfortable temperature swings throughout your home. Check out the Morris Jenkins Website for more information!

This upgrade is especially important if you live in an area where it gets very cold—a new furnace will provide more consistent heat distribution so everyone can stay warm and cozy. With regular maintenance and necessary care, a properly-installed furnace should last many years, providing uninterrupted comfort in even the harshest winter weather.


Home insulations

An often overlooked, but incredibly beneficial home upgrade is insulation. Adding insulation can make a dramatic difference in how a house holds heat during colder months. By trapping warm air inside ceilings and walls, insulation can provide an efficient way for homeowners to stay warm without having to constantly run their heating systems and pay high energy bills.

Furthermore, the long-term savings of installation can be over 20% on home energy costs. One must also consider that installing the correct amount of insulation helps maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the entire house instead of having spots that are too hot or too cold. 

Installing thermal curtains

Installing thermal curtains is a great way to significantly reduce heat transfer through your windows. These curtains are typically made from heavy materials, such as velvet or faux suede, and insulated with a layer of cotton wadding.

To install them properly, hang the curtains by their rod pocket on the appropriate mounting brackets for your window. Ensure that the upper edge of the curtain is mounted at least three inches higher than the top of the window for proper coverage.

Once hung, be sure to draw the curtains fully closed during night-time and in extreme temperatures to provide greater insulation benefits. Thermal curtains are an effective way to boost energy efficiency in any home, and with relative ease.