When Is The Time For Home AC System Inspection

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For your AC system to serve meet all your needs, it must run efficiently. More often than not, it’s challenging to identify an underlying issue if you lack the expertise. So, it’s essential to regularly call for an inspection of your unit. 

This begs the question, however: When do you know you need to make that call? Worry not; this article will enlighten you.

Call in for an inspection:

  • When There’s Inefficient Heat Distribution

A properly working AC unit should emit air uniformly in all the spaces in your home. If this isn’t so, seek AC inspection services in Winchester or in your locality to check out your unit.

Another indication of inefficiency is if your HVAC is experiencing regular short cycling. Short cycling is what happens when your unit turns off before heating your home to the set temperature. This could indicate an overheating system, where it will regularly shut down to cool itself. 

Inefficient heat distribution could indicate air leakage in your AC duct system. Your provider should identify this and repair it or ask you to replace the unit if unrepairable. 

Also, there might be vents in your home, such as windows and doors. The provider will assess these openings and seal those leaking air into and out of your home. 

  • When There’s Poor Air Quality

An HVAC unit greatly determines the quality of air in your home. This is because it services your space through heat exchange with its surrounding atmosphere. 

If the air quality in your home is poor, address it as soon as possible. Why? Prolonged inhalation of contaminated air could lead to respiratory conditions, such as asthma. It can also cause other health conditions, such as irritation of the throat and nose, fatigue, dizziness, or further complicate allergens.

Poor air quality is likely caused by accumulated dirt and debris in your unit. The air filters of your AC could be clogged, limiting airflow. Moreover, clogging could occur in the condenser and evaporator coils.

During an AC inspection, the provider will check these areas and clean them adequately for unclogging. They’ll replace the filters too. However, you don’t have to call in your provider every time you need to change your AC filters. It’s a simple process that you can easily adopt.

  • When Your Energy Bills Are Suddenly High

If you’ve used your unit for some time, you have an idea of how much you pay for energy bills. Therefore, it would be easier to note any sudden change. However, as you make such a conclusion, it’s crucial to bear in mind that electricity companies tend to increase their rates periodically. Before calling your AC provider, inquire of your electricity company if they’ve increased the prices. If not, something is amiss. 

High energy bills could indicate that your AC unit is struggling to warm or cool your home, making it consume much energy. With high energy consumption, your bills are bound to rise. This can be turned around by asking your HVAC provider to carry out an inspection.

  • When Your Furnace Burns With A Yellow Flame

If a gas furnace services your AC system, you need to be on the lookout for poisonous gas emissions, especially carbon monoxide. The significant tell-tale sign of these emissions is if it burns with a yellow flame instead of a blue flame. Possible causes could be a cracked heat exchanger causing the gas leakage. 

Ignoring these signs could lead to greater harm, especially to your health. It could even result in death. Thus, you need to call your AC provider who will inspect your unit for a proper diagnosis.

  • When Your AC Is Producing Funny Sounds

An efficiently working HVAC unit should operate silently, apart from a slight sound it produces when it’s being started or turned off. Funny sounds include loud rattling or clanking sounds.  These are signs that something is wrong with your AC. It could indicate loose internal components, such as bolts. Without the proper tools and technical know-how, it would be difficult to diagnose these issues properly. This is the point in time where you need to call for a system inspection.


The above mentioned are the primary indicators that you need to call for a home AC inspection. It’s critical to ensure that you seek inspection services from a qualified AC provider. For confirmation, ask to see their licensing. You don’t want to hire a provider only to make things worse or not solve your issue. Better safe than sorry.


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