How To Keep The Cold Weather Blues Away! {Lazy Mom Tips}

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It’s turned cold here.  Like, to stay.

Pumpkins and leaves are everywhere.  Days are turning more and more gray.

There’s a lot of great things to like about this season, but for me there’s a subconscious signal that goes off that around 6 months of cold is about to ensue.  And for whatever reason, I don’t like that.

I have tried to be more optimistic. I’ve tried to embrace the greatness that is in every season (they all have things to admire about them), but still here I sit.  Dreading the cold.  Which is weird because I was raised in Texas where cold usually sounds REALLY good.

You all know how much I LOOOOVE my electric blanket. I mean, seriously.  It is truly one of the main things that helps me get through cold weather.  I don’t know why I waited so many Northern years before investing in one.  I’ve always said that if I ever knew someone from a warm area that moves here I will get them a “cold weather survival kit” to help them adjust and an electric blanket would be in it!

If you struggle with the cold, perhaps you might want to know some of my Lazy Mom Tips to get you through another chilly season less miserably….

1. I’ve already mentioned an electric blanket.  It is a MUST.  As in… mustmustMUST.  I don’t know how I even survived before I had one.  It’s like I went from being Little House on the Prairie to being Housewives of L.A. (is that even a show? I honestly don’t know! HA!).  But an electric blanket is a game changer.

2. A spot to sit in the sun is imperative – when it’s out, that is.  Truly, this helps me.  Nine years ago when we moved into our house, we painted our front door black.  I discovered that on days when the sun was out, right between the storm door and the front door was a pocket of warm, delicious air!  So I would stand there and soak up the warmth!  People, I was desperate!

Since then I’ve upped my game, because a couple of years ago we just so happened to move our couch from one side of our living room to right under a set of windows that gets direct sun.  You’ll find me posted there pretty much allllll winter.  Well, when I’m not under my electric blanket!  (And, okay, occasionally I still stand at the front door. It keeps the neighbors confused.)

3. Sunshiny, happy decorations. Who cares if it’s not the right season!  We recently repainted and freshened up every room in our house.  I decided to hang a sunshiny yellow wreath on the wall of our living room and I am truly amazed at how it has improved my mood just seeing it there everyday acting like a beacon of fake sunshine.  Who knew it would have that effect on me?!  I sure didn’t!

4. If you have to stay at a hotel during cold weather season, make SURE you stay at one that has an indoor pool!  For realsies.  The pool area is always warm and you can pretend you are on a beach somewhere tropical!

5. Have family members (or friends) that live in warm places!  I’m fortunate enough to have my family in Texas and my sister at the tippy toe of Georgia.  And when I’ve just plumb HAD IT with the coldness, I find a cheap flight or save up some gas money and hit the road, jack!  Whatever you do, work hard to have people you like (and that like you staying with them!) in warm places! *wink*

6. Take a class, or visit frequently, a garden center that has a greenhouse!  This may sound a little strange, but this last February I went to an event at a garden center.  Literally, it was snowing and blowing outside and snow was piled up everywhere, but when we stepped inside that greenhouse it was nice and warmmm….  I was amazed!   It felt wonderful!!

(Do you see the snow piled up on the roof?)

7. And last, but certainly not … okay, it’s dead last.  In a final effort to ward off the cold weather blues, have your children pile every single blanket they can find on you!

It worked for me that day!

Love and warm thoughts for all,
The Lazy Mom

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