Never Chop Onions Again! {A Lazy Mom Tip}

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Ohhhhhh Laaaaaaazy Mooooooooms!!!!

Get ready for a tip that will rock your lazy, lazy day!

I know I’ve touted it before, but this tip could seriously be the greatest Lazy Mom Tip of the year!  No, no, the decade!  Oh, who am I kidding, it could be the Lazy Mom Tip of the CENTURY!

[giddy laughter]

This tip has to do with onions.  Let’s just say I’ve tried pretty much everything there is to get around crying my eyes out when I cut an onion.  There was even a time I would wear swim goggles while cutting them.  Which worked GREAT (seriously, that’s a great tip there in itself), but I looked like a blooming looney tune doing it.  And my gracious, caring, ever so loving husband would point this out to me every time I did it.

But now there’s a better way.

[giddy laughter]

Soooooo, how would you like to NEVER cut another onion again?  Never have tears streaming down your face?  Never have your mascara sting your eyes?  BECAUSE I’M ABOUT TO SHOW YOU HOW!!!

[more giddy laughter]

Now, I wish I could take full credit for this Lazy Mom Tip, but alas, it was not my idea.  It was one that I picked up off of a local cooking show and it seriously has changed my onion cooking life FOREVER.

[even more giddy laughter]

So without further ado.  I give you Lazy Mom Tip #28!!!

Oh yes people.  There IS such a thing as frozen chopped onions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  COULD. YOU. DIE?!

Ever since I learned about frozen chopped onions I ran to Walmart as soon as I could and bought me a slew of them.  Then I noticed right beside them FROZEN CHOPPED GREEN PEPPERS!  AHHHHHHHHH!

It was a beautiful day in my life.

I mean.  Do you even know how expensive peppers can get around these parts?  Especially the fun colorful ones.  I had no idea this whole time that in my Walmart freezer department there they were.  Frozen onions and frozen peppers!  PRE-CHOPPED.  FOR $1.50!!!!

It’s heaven I tell you, heaven!

So from then on, I’ve only bought the frozen ones.  In fact, I showed them off proudly when my whole family came up here for Thanskgiving.  We were making Stuffing, which calls for onions, and I said, WAIT!  I have frozen PRECHOPPED onions!  And we poured them right into the hot oil as is.  It was a beautiful moment.  I think I may have even teared up a little.  BUT NOT BECAUSE OF THE ONIONS!

[hysterical giddy laughter]

So yes.  If you want to be like me (and who doesn’t, right?) then you must, I tell you MUST, jump on the frozen chopped onion bandwagon.  It will change your ever loving life.  Not as much as Jesus does, but pert near close.

And if your truly lazy like me, you will throw them into your oil frozen.  Just drizzle your pan with oil, then pour in your onions and let them get busy.  It won’t be long before it all looks normal again as they warm up to each other.

I use frozen onions and frozen peppers in my Creamy Chicken Spaghetti recipe and it works GREAT.  *warning*  {That recipe is NOT a Lazy Mom recipe, although I have made it lazier than it originally was.}

So how about this Lazy Mom Tip?!  Isn’t it fabulous and life changing and wonderful?

Your welcome.

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