Florgia Therapy

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After my last blog post about my winter hibernation, I had several of you sweet readers show concern that I might be struggling with some seasonal depression.  I’m writing to reassure you all that I was just being silly when I said I spent my hibernation crying, so don’t worry!

But, that being said, I definitely can be prone to “winter blues.”  To help cure that I usually jump in the car with the kids, wave goodbye to Lazy Dad, and head South to see my family and soak up the sunshine in their neck of the woods.

In fact, not long after my hibernation post, I DID jump in the car and high-tailed it to Southern Georgia to stay with my sister for several days.  She lives in St. Marys, Georgia which is one exit into Georgia from Jacksonville, Florida.  Or as someone at our church called it, “Florgia.”

The kids and I had a great time!  It was in the 80’s while we were there… ahhhhhh!  We spent two good days at the beach.

And enjoyed taking in the beautiful sights of historic St. Marys, Georgia.

I could have sat in those swings ALL. DAY.

We got to catch up with family and my sweet niece.

All the while, Lazy Dad was suffering the bitter cold and snow.  But he wasn’t bitter at all….

All I have to say is, it’s gooooood to have family in LOW places. *smile*  Low, warm places!

So, now that I’ve had some good vitamin D therapy, I’m hoping to be writing some new recipe posts soon.  And catching you up on our RV rental adventures, among a host of other things!

Until then,
The Lazy Mom

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