I’ve Been Hibernating

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I’ve been hibernating.

And by hibernating, I mean crying.

I’m just not a fan of winter.  I try to be.  I give myself pep talks to embrace it.  I tell myself it’s just a season that will pass eventually, but alas, I just can’t seem to enjoy that whole cold, snowy season in it’s entirety.

We’ve been trying to make the best of it though.  Took the kids to see an ice sculpture contest!

It was pretty cool! (Ha! See what I did there?)

Speaking of ice, we’ve been taking our ice wreath creations to whole new levels this winter.  Quite literally.

I even attempted a Texas ice wreath!  (Freezing to death will cause you to do creative things in life.) (Right before you grow lethargic and decide to never leave your bed again.)

The kids have been trying to hibernate some, too.  They just don’t do it like I do.

My hibernation involves electric blankets, chocolate and crying.

Theirs involves a lot more joy.

Not wrong, just different.

Speaking of wrong and different hibernations… my oldest child attempted squeezing his whole body into a long narrow box.

He’s special like that.

BUT!  He’s got keen eyes.  He spotted something in the middle of this GIANT parking lot snow mountain the other day…

A poor lone shopping cart got caught up in the plowing and landed itself its own hibernation spot for the duration of winter.

See?  Even inanimate objects are throwing in the towel on winter!

With warm thoughts,
The Lazy Mom

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