My DIY Dryer Balls Update!

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I thought I’d give you dear people a quick update on my DIY Dryer Balls that I told you I’ve switched to using in my dryer.

Because try as I may, I just could NOT prevent the foil from coming off the tennis balls, even after I taped the seams like I showed you in my original post.

This made me sad, BUT!  I was NOT to be deterred by this preposterous problem!

Instead, after thunking and thunking, I thought to myself, “Hey! Why don’t I just use three uncovered tennis balls in my dryer and two balls of just foil, instead?!”

So that is what I did.

(Just pretend that picture has three tennis balls in it, mkay?)

So, this is my new method of forgoing dryer sheets forever. I still get the benefits of faster drying time with the tennis balls and no static electricity with the foil! #Winning!

Will this new method work?  And if so, will it tackle static electricity in the heightened static of winter time? Watch for new updates in the months to come!

With Love, Determination, and Balls, (*snicker*)
The Lazy Mom

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