Building Confidence: Helping Children Overcome Social Anxiety

Few things are as difficult as watching your child withdraw from the world due to social anxiety. You know your child better than anyone, and you want to encourage them to open up so others can get to know them. Embracing the benefits of the best ADHD medication for child with anxiety can offer key support. To get your child more comfortable in social situations, help them build confidence with these tips.

Establish a Support System

Both you and your child need a solid support system to navigate the challenges of social anxiety. Find a parent or teacher to talk to about your worries so you don’t overburden your child. Similarly, let your child lean on their closest friend or sibling in situations that make them anxious.

Having a support system can be a game changer when you’re supporting your anxious child. Both of you deserve a safe and non-judgmental space to just be yourselves.

Practice Social Skills

Your child may feel anxious in part because they don’t feel confident interacting with other people. Take time to break down common social interactions, whether you see them on television or in person. Use appropriate and accessible language your child can understand when describing the social skills they need to develop.

Let your child practice specific skills in a low-stakes environment. Instead of inviting multiple families to your home or attending a large party, keep the maximum crowd to less than 10 people. Encourage your child to practice just one social skill at a time, such as saying hi to your guests or asking them their names.

Praise Their Efforts

Praise can go a long way in building your child’s confidence. Let them know when they’ve reached a new milestone in anxiety management. Pay close attention to their efforts so that you can point out what they’re doing right.

Remember that meaningful connection and authentic praise are more effective than gifts when it comes to supporting your child. While it’s not detrimental to offer an occasional gift for getting through a tough social situation, it’s better for your child’s self-esteem if they don’t associate anxiety with rewards such as extra TV time or a toy they’ve been eyeing.

Manage Your Expectations

Some of your child’s struggles may be rooted in their fears of disappointing you. If your child is dealing with social anxiety, it’s important to align your parental expectations with your child’s needs and abilities.

Anxiety is a common symptom of ADHD, and your child may be living with both of these things. You can explore the realities of using stimulant vs non stimulant medication for ADHD or add a homeopathic option to minimize the side effects of treatment. However you choose to medicate or not, remember that taking a holistic approach to building your child’s self-esteem is crucial if you want to help them grow and learn.

Getting a diagnosis to understand and empower your child is an important step on their journey. Find out more about how over-the-counter medication for ADHD in 5 year old can support healthy energy levels, increase focus, and lessen anxiety today.

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