Kids and Crumpled Up Hand Towels! {A Lazy Mom Tip}

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Time for another quick, brilliant Lazy Mom Tip… straight from the streets!

Hannah F. sent this tip in after dealing with 3 little boys who have “can’t-seem-to-rehang-hand-towels” syndrome!  I can completely relate, as more often than not, I walk into our bathroom and discover a damp hand towel crumpled up in the basket on the back of the toilet.

Do you have this problem in your house, too?  Check out Hannah’s great idea to rid yourself of this problem!

I was tired of the hand towel in the bathroom laying on the floor, or worse, the back of the toilet seat! (With three little boys that means extra nasty!) The little ones are too little to put it back, but can wash their own hands so they need to reach it.  Then it hit me one day.  Just put another towel holder down low!  Duh!  So I put a cheap basic Ikea towel ring (ring style, not hook, so it doesn’t slide off all the time) below the sink.  Problem completely solved!

Love it!  I’ve been saying it for years… lazy moms are SMART moms!

Send me your brilliant Lazy Mom Tips to share your smarts with the world, too!

The Lazy Mom

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