Ice Cubes That Don’t “Melt” {A Lazy Mom Tip}

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Today’s tip is a twofer, so hold on tight!

Have you ever seen these little ice cube things?

They are wonderful for many reasons! We keep a sack of them in the freezer at all times.

I discovered the first part of this tip when I saw a mom at church had some of these ice cubes in her sons sippie cup of milk. She explained that it keeps the milk cold longer and it doesn’t melt and water it down. I thought it was brilliant!

At that time all of my kids were in the sippie cup phase of life, (and I’m ALMOST out of it! Whoo-hoo!) so I ran out and bought a whole bunch of these ice cube things. And I discovered that not only are they great for keeping drinks cold longer, but they are also great to put on boo-boo’s that the they inevitably get.

Which takes me to the second part of this tip… As soon as someone gets hurt and the tears start to flow, they almost always stop when I tell them, “Oh! Go get an ice cube out of the freezer!” They think it is so much fun to open the freezer and pull out a colorful ice cube for their boo-boo.

(Of course we can send them to the freezer because we have one of those bottom mount freezer type refrigerators. I don’t recommend sending them if they can’t reach it. Obviously.)

We even used these little ice cube things to make homemade “boo-boo bunnys” at our MOPS group a couple of years ago! Very cute!

So anyway! Where can you find these ice cube wonders?  You can find a whole mess of varieties on Amazon, but I bought mine at Bed, Bath & Beyond; so I’m sure you could also find them at Linen’s and Things. I’ve also seen them at Walmart when they have the warm seasonal items out.

Any ideas of what else you could use these for? We love hearing from you, so leave us a comment and let us know!

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