I love waking up to towel indentions on my face every morning {and other random news}

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I just couldn’t NOT open my blog post with that picture.

It’s been a long while since I shared a pretty random blog post, and I know how much you all just LOOOOVE those.


Found this at Lowe’s several weeks ago.  My daughter pulled it out of a big bin of pictures and one read through it I was sold.  I felt it truly reflected the things we value in our family.

Especially since Lazy Dad holds the corner on the market on dancing awkwardly.

LOL! Lord Jesus, I love that picture so!

Speaking of Lazy Dad, the other day I was in my car minding my own business, yes my own little business, when I realized it was nice enough outside to roll down the windows a bit and open the sun roof.

Then, at the next stoplight, I noticed there was all this dust-type debris coating everything around me.  Thinking that maybe it was an unusually crazy amount of pollen (???) I dismissed it and continued on my way.

Then I noticed this in the back seat.

And I noticed it was covered in sawdust.

Cause that makes total sense to leave a big saw in the backseat of your wife’s car full of sawdust, right?


Then there was that one time (just the other day) that we had a girl from our church hop in our car with Lazy Dad and I, find a roll of duct tape in the back seat, and do this:

So we sent this picture to her mother.

Good times, good times.

Incidentally, some of you who have been reading I’m a Lazy Mom from the beginning (2007!) may have noticed that my kids are looking so big these days!

They are 10, 12 and 13.  Which is weird because I’m still 22.

The boys are nearly as tall as I am, but my girl is a little slow on growing. She wasn’t too happy when she fit into her galoshes from last year.

They are size 2.  Just look at that poor little pitiful cute face lamenting her smallness!

Shoot, I’d be thrilled if ANYTHING I wore was a size 2. I’m pretty sure my earrings are even plus size. *wink*

Have I told y’all about how I’m having to sleep on a rolled up towel instead of a pillow?

I love waking up to towel indentions on my face every morning. I’m just so glamorous!

I injured my neck somehow in the late summer/early fall and it’s been a battle to get it back to good working order.  In fact, it’s one of the reasons I’ve written so little since this Fall.  Turns out typing on a laptop for hours on end isn’t ergonomic.  Who knew?!  (Okay, we all knew.)

Took my daughter to see Cinderella.  She sported the old-school Cinderella on her t-shirt, so I HAD to take a picture!

Can I just say, well done, Disney!  Seriously, make more movies that I can take my daughter to like this!

We had a wonderful Easter.  Did you?  Look at what a non-artsy, totally-can’t-draw-a-stick-figure pastor’s wife like me did on our church chalkboard!

I was pretty proud of it. (But I repented.)

And now, a picture of pretty roses.

That is all.

The Lazy Mom

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