It Just Feels Wrong Putting Jesus In Storage

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We’ve been quite busy ’round these parts.

I’m a little red faced that I haven’t really updated you all on our totally hip, totally cool life of glamour since the middle of July.

Yes, I said July.

As in, two months ago.

But, if you are smart, then you have figured out that you can still stay abreast of our posh, celebrity filled days and nights on Instagram.

And if you are really, really smart, then you know we have no such thing as posh, celebrity filled days and nights in our life.  But one can dream, right?!

Since we last talked, we had two birthdays in this here house.

My oldest child turned 14.  FOURTEEN!

In honor of his 14th birthday, we went and got his first job application.

What?  He’s like practically grown and he needs to start paying rent.

I jest, I jest!

(I’m not really jesting.)

I jest!

My daughter turned 11. ELEVEN!

For her birthday we tortured her with an ear piercing device against her will.

What can I say?  We know how to celebrate birthdays ’round here!

And okay, it wasn’t against her will.  Although, getting the second ear pierced after the first one, might could have been perceived as against her will.

(It was totally against her will.)

But it’s done now and we are all trying to heal emotionally.

In other news, we met my family in Orlando and got to hang out a few days at Disney World.

We drove ol’ Harvey (the arvey) down to Orlando and stayed at the Fort Wilderness Campgrounds at Disney.  We had a great time!

One night, we all went to the Hoop-De-Doo Musical Review at the campground and had us a hoop-de-dooing good time!  My brother was pulled out of the audience to go up on stage and act out a scene with the cast.  He’s the one doing the welcome-to-the-gun-show pose in this picture….

Then, one day in the park, my daughter was pulled up on a stage to meet Jack Sparrow…

…and he taught her how to sword fight!  So like, don’t mess with her, mkay?

It’s really quite a shame my whole family is so shy and hates attention of any sort.  We’re seeking counseling on how to be more confident in front of large audiences.

After our Orlando vacation, we had to drop Harvey (the arvey) off at “winter camp.”  Our original plans didn’t include leaving our RV down there in the rental market at that time, but we decided it was more pragmatic to leave him there since we were already in Florida and it would save us a heap of money getting him back down there in October like we originally planned.

So, we threw everything into a storage unit.  No, really… we threw it right in.

And we said our goodbyes to our trusty Harvey until next Spring.  Parting was such sweet sorrow.

Y’all all go rent him now, ya hear?  So he won’t be lonely and such.

When we got back from Florida, we decided it was time to freshen up our house a bit.  We’ve lived in our current home for over 9 years and it was time to give it a good spit shine.

Plus, we’ve been trying to sell again and we had a sweet pastor’s wife decorater friend give us some staging advice.  In lieu of spit, she said we should paint.  Who knew?

Every single room has been freshly painted (not spit shined), painstakingly tidied and organized.  We figure if this doesn’t help us sell, at least the house will look amazing if we stay!

As part of the “Operation: Sell Or Stay” strategy, Lazy Dad and I changed rooms with our boys.  It was something we had talked about doing many times over the years, but we finally ripped the band-aid off and did it!  We love our new, bigger room!

It’s like a retreat all to ourselves now!

And the boys are settling into their nice, new room, too.

In the process of organizing, we decided to put some things into a storage unit so it’s either A. already ready to move, or B. make our house less cluttered if we stay.

One of the things we decided to put into the storage unit was a growth chart I’ve had since the kids were little bitty.

A friend of ours at our church in Columbus, Ohio painted it for me.  I’ve actually meant to show it to you before.  She painted it from the cover of a devotional book I loved reading to the kids at that time.

(They have since changed the cover of the book, but you can find it here if you are interested: Growing with Jesus: 100 Daily Devotionals)

Anyway, all of that to say that when we went to take the growth chart to the storage unit, I texted Lazy Dad this picture with the caption, “This just feels wrong putting Jesus in storage.”

I asked Jesus to forgive me many times as I placed him against the wall, closed the storage door, locked it and drove away!  Dirty rotten sinner that I am.

If I go back to the storage unit and he’s no longer smiling, I’ll know I’m in trouble.

In less things-I’ll-have-to-explain-at-the-judgement-seat news, my friend Emily invited some of us friends out to her lake house.  We had a GREAT time!

I highly recommend having a friend that not only has a lake house, but will also invite you to their lake house.  (Thanks, Emily!)

Now for something completely different….

Here’s a random picture of how I dried a mattress cover one day at my house.

And here’s a random picture of my 14-year-old son on his first day of work cause he landed the job we forced him to get he wanted to get!

Neither of those random pictures are related.

Those pictures also have nothing to do with this….

We’ve started school!  This is our fourth year homeschooling.

I think we’ve finally gotten into a good routine.  Yes, that takes four years to accomplish.

I’m totally counting that as a lesson on perseverance for the children. (As any good homeschooling mom would do.)

And in final news, I’m still having neck problems.

It’s been a year since I injured my neck (God only knows how).  It’s been a long road of chiropractor appointments, avoiding hard chairs, not lifting anything over 20 pounds, rubbing ointment on my neck and searching for a pillow that will help me heal.

My pillow quest continued last night as I purchased two new pillows to try.

If I told you how much I’ve spent on pillows, you’d know why we need to sell our house and rent out our RV.

(I jest!)


Last night I posted that picture in a social media status update about my neck.  Then I realized a whole status update centered around my aching neck and my pillow plight was either pretty lame or qualified me for Medicare. Or both.

Until I write again!….

Love and non-lame status updates for all,
The Lazy Mom

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