3 Lazy Mom Quick Tips!

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With Christmas fast approaching, I thought it might be a good time to shoot out 3 quick Lazy Mom Tips that might help you squeeze just a few more minutes out of your busy December days!

These tips were submitted by lazy mom readers, just like you! So, be sure and send me YOUR best Lazy Mom Tips, too!

Tip #1:

I tend to be LAZY and not wash my face before bed. I get in bed and do NOT want to get out to do it. So I bought some awesome face cleansing towelettes and I keep them by my nightstand at night so I don’t have to get back up! – Sarah M.

Tips #2:

I always line my baking pans with foil (i.e. when baking chicken breasts, pork chops, etc.) in order to make clean-up easier. Who wants to stand over a sink of dishes scrubbing a baked-on mess? – Carrie W.

Tips #3:

For those of you who have glass windows in your back door, jot things you need to remember before you leave the house directly onto the glass with a dry erase marker. It wipes off easily! For those of you who don’t have window, just buy a cute dry erase board and affix it to the back of your door. – Blog Commenter

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