Bulletproof Coffee Pods

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A new year is upon us!  Which means many of us are back to thinking about taking care of our bodies again.  For those of you following the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle, have I got a treat for you today!

If you’ve been in the THM community for any length of time, then you have most likely heard of bulletproof coffee.  This coffee gives your normal cup of brew a big healthy boost by combining it with good-for-you fats.

Basically, you put a cup of freshly brewed coffee in your blender, throw in stevia, coconut oil and grass-fed butter and give it a whir; which makes the cup of coffee taste richer, creamier and yummier.

And while I tried doing this once in the blender, I was not a fan of the froth that formed at the top of my cup once the blended concoction was poured back into my mug. I’m not a frothy person. Plus, who wants to pull out their blender every morning and then clean it up? Not this lazy mom!

Then one day after messing up a batch of skinny chocolate I was making, I realized I had totally made a bulletproof coffee pod by accident!  It’s not often my food mishaps work out in my favor, but this one really did!

Instead of having to blend up a bulletproof coffee, I could just make a regular cup of coffee and throw in my “coffee pod” instead. Perfecto!

Here’s how to do it….

First, make your coffee pods:

Bulletproof Coffee Pods
makes 48 coffee pods (since this recipe makes so much, you only have to make it like once a month or so!)

3/4 cup butter
1 1/2 cups of coconut oil
5 tbsp cocoa powder
3 doonks of stevia
1 1/2 tsp vanilla

In a 1 quart glass measuring cup melt butter and coconut oil in the microwave.  I usually melt it in 30 second increments, stirring between.  Once fully melted, stir in cocoa powder, stevia and vanilla.

Pour the liquid into two 24 cup mini cupcake pans, like this:

Place the pans into your freezer until solid.  Then you can pop out the coffee pods using a knife and store them in a plastic bag in the freezer!

freezer to drop into your coffee!

Here’s how I do it….

1.  Make a cup of coffee.  Just brew your coffee like you normally would.  Whether that’s with your single serve coffee maker, or your coffee pot.  However you make a single cup of coffee, do that.

2.  I make my coffee like I normally would to drink it.  So I add in 1 packet of stevia and 1 tbsp of half and half.

3.  Drop one bulletproof coffee pod into your coffee.  Watch it melt, stir and enjoy your lazy mom version of bulletproof coffee!

Once it’s fully melted and stirred, you don’t have to stir it again to reincorporate it!  Just sip as usual.

If you find that the frozen coffee pod takes the temperature of your coffee down just a little too much for your liking, you can pop your coffee cup in the microwave for 10-15 seconds to heat it back up. Although, my sister-in-law says that she never needed to do this when she used them at my house.

Love and lazy bulletproofness,
The Lazy Mom

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